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Versarien FFP2 Graphene Protective Reusable Face Mask Pack of 3 plus Sanitiser Spray - Expiry 07/2023

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Versarien FFP2 Graphene Protective Reusable Face Mask Pack - featuring Nanene™ and Polygrene™

(3 Masks plus 100ml Salvesan Sanitiser Spray) 


PLEASE NOTE: expired stock 07/2023

Key Details

  • Contains -3 x Face Masks and 1 x 100ml Sanitiser Spray
  • Cutting edge use of graphene can offer Antiviral and Antibacterial properties
  • Simply use Salvesan Sanitising Spray to clean the mask (instructions below) - sold here
  • Environmentally friendly - Reusable and comes with sealable carry pouch
  • One Size mask fits all - Adjustable Ear Loops for different sizes
  • Wear for <8 Hours at a time (Dolomite Clogging Tested)
  • Developed in the UK
  • Certified to meet FFP2 Protection Levels  - EN149:2001+A1:2009 - FFP2 RD
  • CE-marked in accordance with the requirements of European Directive EU 2016-425.
  • Mask Expiry July 2023
  • Mask Measurements When Unfolded: W:13cm / H:13cm

What is Graphene and how is it used in this mask?

  • Graphene is a British invention that was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2010
  • Graphene is the thinnest, lightest and strongest compound known; consisting of an ultra-thin sheet of graphite atoms. Since its discovery in 2004, it has been used in many progressive applications from DNA sequencing to nanomedicine. The amazing properties of this game-changing material are increasing as scientific research continues.
  • Regarded as a “super filter”, Graphene has anti-viral and antibacterial properties combined with filtration capabilities at extremely small particle sizes (0.3 microns). This enhanced protection makes Graphene-based polymer materials leaders in the field and perfect for general use PPE such as Face Masks and Scrubs.
  • These masks are enhanced with Polygrene™, this is a graphene polymer made with the world’s only Graphene Council Verified Graphene Product, Nanene™. Nanene™ offers best of class protection against the microscopic particles that cause respiratory illness and the spread of viral infection.

How Can This Mask Prevent Covid-19 Transmission Over a Regular FFP2 Mask?

  • A CE certified FFP2 mask will protect the wearer from at least 95% of airborne particles when correctly worn - this mask offers 8x smaller particulate filtering capability of other masks with the same certification.
  • Graphene polymer offers enhanced antiviral and antibacterial protection
  • Nanene™ offers best of class protection against the microscopic particles that cause respiratory illness and the spread of viral infection and assists to kill the virus
  • Protects both ways, both the wearer and others the wearer may come into contact with.
  • Article also available - Graphene joins the fight against COVID-19

What does “FFP2 RD” mean?

  • A mask can be worn for a whole day – carefully sanitised and reused, compared to changing a paper mask every 2-4 hours.

  • This FFP2 indicates that a filtering half mask (or half respirator) will prevent at least 94% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns in size from passing through it when worn correctly with a proper fit.

  • The ‘R’ stands for Reusable. This means that when worn and handled with care and cleaned through the recommended care instructions, this mask is certified to be reusable with no loss of filtration.

  • The ‘D’ stands for ‘Dolomite Clogging’ tested. This is the test method used to determine the usage life of particulate filters such as our FFP2-rated mask. If attained, this is an indicator that additional quality standards have been met, as the breathing resistance is rated highly allowing the mask to be comfortably worn over a long period of time.

Instructions for Use

  • A mask can be worn for a whole day – carefully sanitised and reused, compared to changing a paper mask every 2-4 hours.
  • Good for the planet and good economics – we all win.
  • With careful use one mask will last up 10 cycles of wear and sanitisation without losing efficacy. Please refer to below cleaning instructions. 
  • The resealable packaging can also be used to store and keep the mask clean when not used.
  • Please DO NOT wash in soap and water

Cleaning Instructions:

    1. Clean hands effectively and dry before handling mask

    2. Hold the mask with the inside facing up. With the disinfectant spray nozzle pointg at the mask, hold the bottle perpendicular 10cm away from the mask, press the nozzle all the way down and release it five times whilst maintaining the distance from the mask at all times. (WARNING: Spraying in one position, too close to the mask or spraying multiple times will lead to over-wetting that may cause the mask to become ineffective).

    3. Turn over the mask and place on a clean, dry surface. Repeat spraying on outside of mask as described in step 2.

    4. Leave mask to air dry naturally for 1 hour at room temperature before storing away.

    5. If the mask was not spraying satisfactorily wait for 1 hour before repeating the cleaning process.



  • European standard EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 FFP2
  • British Standard BS EN 14683:2019
  • Certified CE-marked under the Directive EU 2016-425
  • Antibacterial performance is certified according to GB/T 20944.2.2007
  • Antiviral is certified to ISO 18184:2014 (E)
  • Certified by SGS – the worlds leading certification and verification body

Warning and Conditions:

    • As with all protective Protective Face Masks and PPE in general, use of this product not does guarantee that the user will not become exposed to any airborne bacteria and/or viral infections.
    • However the risk of exposure will be significantly reduced by the use of the product in accordance with the instructions for use.
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