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Versarien 4 ply Children's Reusable Face Cover

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Versarien 4 Ply Children's Reusable Face Cover


We stock the perfect reusable face cover designed for small or little faces, with fully adjustable ear loops and nose strip to maximise comfort.

This reusable face cover is based on the same technology as the Versarien Adult Graphene-Enhanced Protective Face Masks (sold here) and come in 4 colour options for that individual feel. Made with Versarien's Polygrene outer layer using Nanene.

It is important that we let you know that these face coverings are not PPE or medical grade like their bigger brother.


  • Simply use Graphene Sanitising Spray to clean the mask (instructions below) - sold here
  • Environmentally friendly - Reusable
  • Adjustable Ear Loops for different sizes
  • Wear for <8 Hours at a time 
  • Developed in the UK

What are they made from?

A non-woven 4-Ply construction with Versarien's Polygrene outer layer using Nanene. Other layers include a non-woven PP fabric, a Hot Air Cotton and a Melt-blown fabric.

Instructions for Use

  • A mask can be worn for a whole day – carefully sanitised and reused, compared to changing a paper mask every 2-4 hours.
  • Good for the planet and good economics – we all win.
  • With careful use one mask will last up 10 cycles of wear and sanitisation without losing efficacy. Please refer to below cleaning instructions. 
  • The resealable packaging can also be used to store and keep the mask clean when not used.
  • Please DO NOT wash in soap and water

Cleaning Instructions:

      1. Clean hands effectively and dry before handling mask

      2. Hold the mask with the inside facing up. With the disinfectant spray nozzle pointing at the mask, hold the bottle perpendicular 10cm away from the mask, press the nozzle all the way down and release it five times whilst maintaining the distance from the mask at all times. (WARNING: Spraying in one position, too close to the mask or spraying multiple times will lead to over-wetting that may cause the mask to become ineffective).

      3. Turn over the mask and place on a clean, dry surface. Repeat spraying on outside of mask as described in step 2.

      4. Leave mask to air dry naturally for 1 hour at room temperature before storing away.

      5. If the mask was not spraying satisfactorily wait for 1 hour before repeating the cleaning process.

Cautions & Disclaimer

These face covers should be fitted following the 'Donning' instructions. These covers should not be washed, please only use the Graphene Mask Sanitiser to disinfect after use (please refer to 'Cleaning' above). Use of this face cover does not guarantee that the wearer will not become exposed to any airborne viruses or bacteria.

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