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3M Secure Click D9035 P3 R Particulate Filters

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3M Secure Click D9035 P3 R Particulate Filters

Please note: This is for the filters only - mask body is sold separately here

Communication is Key

Enhance your respiratory defence with the 3M Secure Click D3135 P3 R Particulate Filters. Precision-crafted to capture and block an extensive range of airborne particles, these filters offer both safety and peace of mind in various challenging work environments.

Product Highlights

  • High-Level P3 R Protection: Offers robust defence against a variety of fine dust, mist, and other hazardous particulates.
  • Secure Click Connection: Boasts a dependable connection system that clicks audibly, signalling secure and accurate attachment.
  • Low-Profile Design: The filters' low-profile design allows for an expansive field of view and is ideal for use with other personal protective equipment.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Streamlined click-in attachment enables swift and effortless filter replacement.
  • Designed for Compatibility: Perfectly matches the 3M Secure Click HF-800 Series Reusable Respirators.
  • Reusable Efficiency: Constructed for longevity, these filters are reusable following the manufacturer's recommended usage protocols.

Product Overview

The 3M Secure Click D9035 P3 R Particulate Filters represent the zenith of filtration technology, providing superior particulate filtration to shield you from fine dust, mists, and potentially harmful particles. Integrating seamlessly with the 3M Secure Click HF-800 Series Respirators, these filters offer a secure fit with a simple 'click'—a sound that signifies a safe and proper connection.

With a focus on user comfort and a wide field of vision, the filters' low-profile design enhances compatibility with a variety of personal protective equipment, including welding and grinding shields. This design not only maximises safety but also ensures uninterrupted work flow and ease of movement.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly click-in mechanism that allows for quick filter changes without the fuss. Durably made, the D9035 P3 R filters are built for repeated use within the manufacturer's specified safety standards, offering an eco-friendly solution without compromising protection.

Opt for the 3M Secure Click D9035 P3 R Particulate Filters for superior protection, easy integration, and consistent performance, giving you the confidence to tackle your tasks safely and efficiently.


Q) What particles are these filters designed to protect against?

A) These filters provide P3 R level protection, which means they are effective against high levels of fine dust, mists, and other hazardous particulates.

Q) How will I know if the filters are properly installed?

A) The Secure Click connection system ensures proper installation with an audible 'click' that signals the filter is securely in place.

Q) Is this filter compatible with other types of personal protective equipment?

A) Yes, the low-profile design is intended to be used with various types of PPE, like welding and grinding shields, allowing for a wide field of vision.

Q) Can I reuse the D9035 P3 R particulate filters?

A) Yes, these filters are reusable in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines, provided they remain undamaged and uncontaminated.

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