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3M Secure Click HF-800SD Reusable Half-Face Mask with Speech Diaphragm

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3M Secure Click HF-800SD Reusable Half-Face Mask with Speech Diaphragm

Please note: This is for the mask body only - filters are sold seperatley

Communication is Key

Secure your health and amplify comfort with 3M Secure Click HF-800SD Reusable Half-Face Mask with Speech Diaphragm. Tailored with groundbreaking features, this mask ensures easy breathability and uncompromised protection against gases, vapours, and particles. Discover the convenience of clear communication at the workplace with the optional speaking diaphragm available in all three sizes – small, medium, and large.

Product Highlights

  • Innovative Quad Flow Cartridge System: Experience unmatched breathability and comfort provided by the world's inaugural quad flow cartridge system.
  • Secure Click Connection: Guarantees proper installation of filters and cartridges with a simple yet reliable connection resembling a seat belt mechanism.
  • Optional Speaking Diaphragm: Facilitates smoother communication while working, look for "SD" in the product code to avail this feature.
  • Push Button Seal Check: Enhance your confidence with the easy-to-use seal check that confirms the respirator is correctly sealed to your face.
  • Comfortable and Durable Silicone Material: Crafted with advanced silicone material to offer heightened comfort and lasting durability.
  • Compatibility with Protective Shields: The low-profile design is compatible with certain welding and grinding shields, allowing a wide field of vision.
  • Easy Assembly and Disassembly: Over-moulded design that promises effortless assembly and disassembly for the user.

Product Overview

Experience enhanced safety and comfort with the 3M Secure Click HF-800SD Reusable Half-Face Mask. Designed ingeniously with smart and intuitive features, this half-face respirator promises both simplicity and reliability, catering to a wide array of protective needs.

The hallmark of this respirator is its quad flow cartridge system, a global first, offering unprecedented breathability and comfort. This unique system, integrating two dual-flow cartridges in each respirator, generates four airflow paths, facilitating much easier breathing compared to conventional respirators.

Adding to the simplicity is the Secure Click connection, an intuitive feature that ensures the correct and secure installation of filters and cartridges, echoing the straightforward operation of a seat belt. The push button seal check further empowers users by swiftly affirming the proper sealing of the respirator to your face, instilling confidence during usage.

Yet, what sets this product distinctly apart is the optional speaking diaphragm, a feature designed to enable easier communication while at work, a critical aspect in team environments. Coupled with a silicone face seal that contours smoothly to the wearer's face, the flex joint nose bridge, and an easy-adjust head cradle, the respirator promises unprecedented comfort without compromise.

Ensure your safety against hazardous elements with the 3M Secure Click HF-800SD, which is compatible with 3M Secure Click Cartridges D8000 Series and Filters D3000 Series and D7000 Series, in adherence to EN approvals. Choose a respirator that does not just protect but also enriches your working experience with enhanced communication and comfort features.


What sizes is the 3M Secure Click HF-800SD available in?
The respirator is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large to suit different face sizes and shapes.
How does the speaking diaphragm function?
The optional speaking diaphragm facilitates easier communication while working, allowing clear transmission of speech without removing the mask.
What makes the quad flow cartridge system special?
The world-first quad flow cartridge system incorporates two dual-flow cartridges to create four airflow paths, providing enhanced breathability and comfort compared to traditional systems.
How can I be sure that the filters and cartridges are installed properly?
The Secure Click connection gives a distinct "click" sound, assuring you that the components are properly installed, akin to fastening a seat belt.
Can this mask be used with welding and grinding shields?
Yes, its low-profile design is compatible with certain welding and grinding shields, offering a wide field of view while ensuring protection.
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