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3M Secure Click D3135 P3 R Particulate Filters

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3M Secure Click D3135 P3 R Particulate Filters

Please note: This is for the filters only - mask body is sold separately here

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Enhance your respiratory defence with the 3M Secure Click D3135 P3 R Particulate Filters (Pack of Two). Precision-crafted to capture and block an extensive range of airborne particles, these filters offer both safety and peace of mind in various challenging work environments.

Product Highlights

  • P3 R Protection Level: Provides protection against high levels of fine dust and other particulates.
  • Secure Click Connection: Features a secure connection system that emits an audible 'click', ensuring filters are safely and correctly fitted.
  • Innovative Design: The swept-back design improves comfort and field of view when used with welding and grinding shields.
  • Easy and Quick Assembly: The simple click-in feature allows for hassle-free filter changes, saving time and reducing complexity.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with the 3M Secure Click HF-800 Series Reusable Respirators.
  • Durable and Reusable: Constructed for durability and suitable for reuse as per the manufacturer's guidelines.

Product Overview

The 3M Secure Click D3135 P3 R Particulate Filters set the standard in respiratory protection, offering high-efficiency particulate filtration to safeguard you from fine dust, mists, and other hazardous particulates. These performance-driven filters fit into the 3M Secure Click HF-800 Series Respirators with a simple yet assured connection that clicks into place, echoing the sound of certainty.

Noteworthy for their swept-back design, these filters facilitate a greater field of vision and can be used comfortably in conjunction with other personal protective equipment, such as grinding shields and welding helmets. They are crafted for quick and easy assembly, ensuring that you can replace your filters promptly without having to deal with complicated setups.

The D3135 P3 R filters are not just built to protect. They are built to last, featuring a robust construction that allows for multiple uses within the recommended safety guidelines. This reusability factor makes them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for long-term use in a variety of industries.

Choose 3M Secure Click D3135 P3 R Particulate Filters for uncompromising protection and convenience, and step into your work environment with confidence.


Q) What type of particles do these filters protect against?

A) The P3 R protection level is effective against high levels of fine dust, mists, and other hazardous particulates.

Q) How can I confirm that the filters are fitted correctly?

A) The Secure Click connection system ensures the filter is properly installed when you hear the distinctive 'click' sound.

Q) Are these filters compatible with other PPE?

A) Yes, the swept-back design ensures compatibility with a range of personal protective equipment, like welding and grinding shields.

Q) Can I reuse these particulate filters?

A) These filters are designed for reusability, subject to the manufacturer's recommended usage guidelines and provided they remain undamaged and clean.

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