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SIP Airtight Drinking Valve

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SIP Airtight Drinking Valve

Product Overview

The SIP Airtight Drinking Valve is a revolutionary solution that allows safe and convenient drinking through a mask with a straw without having to compromise on protection. Designed to maintain the efficacy of your mask, SIP provides an airtight seal that automatically closes after each sip.

With SIP, there's no need to remove your mask or respirator every time you fancy a sip. It's all about maintaining safety while adding a touch of convenience to your daily routine. What's great about SIP is its versatility - you can install it on any mask of your choice, as long as there's room for a valve and an exposed filter.

Whether it's your favourite mask or respirator, setting up SIP is straightforward and hassle-free!

Key Features

  • Airtight seal that does not compromise mask effectiveness.
  • Reusable and can be installed up to 10 times on different masks.
  • Washable and dishwasher safe.
  • Made from food-grade silicone, gentle on the lips.
  • Can be used with various masks, including FFP3, FFP2, surgical, and cloth masks.
  • Easy to install, providing a custom fit.

Important Facts 

  • OSHA-approved
  • Founded in San Francisco, CA
  • Designed and Assembled in USA


  • 1x self-install SIP Valve and Securing Ring
  • 2x caps to cover valve when not in use
  • 10x starter straws


How easy is it to install the SIP Valve?
Customers have found the installation process straightforward, though it may take a little practise to perfect.
Does this compromise the mask filtration?
Not significantly.

It's really important to be mindful when it comes to modifying your masks or respirators. These devices are certified based on their original design, and any changes we make might affect how well they work. So, if you're thinking of installing SIP on an FFP2 mask, just remember that it technically won't be an FFP2 anymore.

However, the team behind SIP has really done their homework. They've put their valve through rigorous tests, even using a protocol approved by OSHA for quantitative fit testing. The results? Well, they're quite reassuring. When SIP was installed on an N95 respirator, the fit factor was a tad lower compared to the N95 without the valve. But, and here's the good news, even when a straw was inserted, the fit factor stayed comfortably above the OSHA's required standards. So, you can sip away knowing that a lot of thought and care has gone into making sure SIP keeps you safe

Can the SIP Valve be used with any type of mask?
Yes, it is compatible with most mask types, including FFP3, FFP2, N95, KF94, KN95, surgical, and cloth masks.
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