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GoodDay Childrens Adjustable KF94 Face Mask Disposable - For Ages 5-9

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GoodDay Childrens Adjustable KF94 Face Mask Disposable - For Ages 5-9

Introducing the GoodDay Children's Adjustable KF94 Face Mask Disposable – meticulously designed for the ultimate protection of your little ones, aged 5-9. These masks also fit smaller adult faces Our commitment to safeguarding the health of children is paramount, which is why we've crafted this small, adjustable KF94 mask with the finest MB fabric known for its high efficacy.

We understand that comfort is key, especially when it comes to children. Therefore, we've incorporated an adjustable ear strap feature that allows for effortless customisation of the mask’s fit. This thoughtful design detail ensures that the mask can be securely fitted to your child’s face, providing a snug fit without causing discomfort, even during prolonged periods of wear.

This is a KF94 standard mask which means “Korean filter,” and the “94” indicates a 94 percent filtration efficacy. Aaron Collins known as the "Mask Nerd" (twitter account available here) - , has tested these masks and has found their filtration efficency rate is 99.5% with a 126 Pressure Drop [Pa].

It is the South Korean equivalent to an N95 or FFP2 mask, with a few subtle differences. It combines elements of an FFP2/N95 mask with those of a cloth mask, contouring close to the face with an adjustable band around the bridge of the nose. 

The GoodDay mask showcases a comfortable, form-fitting 3D flat-fold (tri-fold) design, which enhances the mask's ability to stay in place, significantly preventing any air leakage. Coupled with an adjustable nose bridge, our mask guarantees a secure fit that not only stays put but also reduces the common issue of glasses fogging, ensuring clear vision for those children who wear spectacles.

Ideal for the varied and dynamic daily activities of children, this mask is the perfect accessory for school, shopping trips, cycling, camping, running, travel, and even climbing. With its user-friendly features and engaging design, the GoodDay Face Mask is set to be your child's go-to choice, offering both comfort and protection in a delightful package.

Proudly produced in South Korea, our safety masks comply with the stringent regulations and standards set by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA), providing assurance of their quality and effectiveness.

Equip your child with the GoodDay Children’s Adjustable KF94 Face Mask Disposable, and let them step out in confidence and style, every single day.


  • Pack of 10 masks or individual masks available
  • KF94 protection
  • Adjustable Ear Straps
  • Comfortable 3D Folding Design 
  • Dimensions:
    • Width - 165mm
    • Height -63mm
  • Unvalved face mask
  • Ear Loops Strap
  • 4 Layer Filtration
  • Made in South Korea
  • Korea FDA Approved
  • US FDA Registered 
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