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Alpha Sentinel Replacement Filters

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Alpha Sentinel Replacement Filters

The Sentinel respiratory range is premium quality RPE that has been manufactured and assembled entirely in the UK by Alpha Solway. They are a brand you can fully trust, protecting people for over quarter of a century and remain one of the world’s fastest growing respiratory protection manufacturers.

We supply a range of filters to fit the Sentinel Range, see full guide below for details. 


  • Gas filters are snowstorm filled, resulting in a reduced size and lightweight design
  • Particulate P3S & P3H contain pleated filter media, providing more surface area for reduced breathing resistance
  • Sentinel filters are fitted with a simple connection which easily click into position
  • Less than 115g, all filter combinations are light weight and can be used on both Full Face and Half Mask
  • The P3P Filter is tested to ‘R’, allowing the use for more than one shift Compatable with Alpha Sentinel Full and Half Face Masks


The amount of time a filter is effective for depends on the concentration and type of contaminants, as well as how quickly you are breathing. When there is more contamination in the air, it's efficacy decreases over time.


Formation of odour, taste and/or irritation signals that the gas filter is no longer functioning properly and should be replaced immediately (no later than 6 months from opening the original packaging).


The particulate and combined filters should be immediately replaced if the breathing resistance rises to an excessive level.

Alpha Sentinel Full Face Mask Filter Guide



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