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3M TR-3802E Versaflo Particulate Nuisance & Organic Vapour Filter (TH2P / TH3P)

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3M Versaflo Replacement Filter TR-3802E: Unparalleled Safety and Efficiency

Discover heightened safety and superior convenience with the 3M Versaflo replacement filter TR-3802E, now available at The Face Mask Store. Drawing on years of scientific expertise, 3M has engineered this filter to offer unmatched protection against both particulate matter and nuisance-level organic vapours, making it an indispensable tool in various environments. Enhance your Versaflo respiratory system with the TR-3802E, a beacon of reliability and industry-leading filtration efficiency.

Key Details

  • Model Number: TR-3802E
  • Expiry Date: 2026
  • Filtration Level: P3, catering to high-efficiency particulate and nuisance organic vapour filtration
  • Compatibility: Specifically crafted for 3M Versaflo systems
  • Packaging: Secure, well-sealed packaging to guarantee pristine condition upon arrival

Detailed Overview

The 3M Versaflo replacement filter TR-3802E stands as a pinnacle in respiratory protection, meticulously designed to offer a comprehensive solution to your respiratory safety needs. Operating at a P3 filtration level, it efficiently handles high-efficiency particles along with nuisance-level organic vapours, thus keeping you safe from a vast array of environmental pollutants ranging from industrial emissions to home renovation by-products.

You can rely on its extended shelf life that lasts until September 2027, guaranteeing a robust defence over the long term. The TR-3802E is crafted to integrate seamlessly with 3M Versaflo systems, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality that not only protects you but also extends the lifespan of your respiratory system.

3M maintains a relentless commitment to quality, reflected in the stringent testing processes the TR-3802E undergoes to meet and exceed industry standards. This uncompromised approach means every filter you purchase promises consistent, superior performance, ensuring your safety with each use.

Beyond the product itself, 3M extends its dedication to quality to the packaging as well. Each TR-3802E filter arrives in secure, well-sealed packaging, promising untouched, pristine condition, ready to deliver unbeatable protection from the moment it reaches you.


  1. What does the P3 filtration level of the TR-3802E filter signify?
    The P3 filtration level refers to the filter's ability to effectively filter out high-efficiency particles along with nuisance-level organic vapours, offering comprehensive respiratory protection.
  2. Until when can I safely use this filter?
    The TR-3802E filter has an extended shelf life, remaining effective until its expiry in September 2027.
  3. Can the TR-3802E filter be used with all respirator systems?
    The filter is exclusively designed for 3M Versaflo systems, ensuring perfect compatibility and optimal performance with these specific respiratory systems.
  4. How is the filter packaged to ensure it maintains its quality?
    3M packages each TR-3802E filter in secure and well-sealed packaging, ensuring it maintains its quality until you're ready to use it.
  5. Where is the best place to purchase the TR-3802E replacement filter?
    You can exclusively purchase the 3M Versaflo TR-3802E replacement filter from The Face Mask Store, your reliable source for quality respiratory protection products.
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