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3M Aura 9432+ FFP3 Food-Industry Dust Mask

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3M 9432+ FFP3 Face Mask in Blue

Product Overview

Experience superior respiratory protection with the 3M 9432+ FFP3 Face Mask, specifically designed to offer maximum safety and comfort in various environments. This premium blue face mask provides high-level particulate filtration to keep you safe from harmful airborne particles.

Key Highlights

  • Free from staples, minimising the risk of contamination during the manufacturing process.
  • FFP3 certified, providing up to 99% particle filtration efficiency
  • Highly visible blue colour allows mask to be identified in the event of contaminating food
  • Innovative 3-panel design allows for greater facial movement during speech
  • Embedded nose clip and soft inner layer ensure a comfortable and secure fit
  • Advanced electret media for easy breathing
  • Robust sealing and design minimise fogging with eyewear

Technical Data

Feature Specification
Filter Performance > 99% (FFP3 Level)
Material Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyethylene
Style Flat Fold
Usage Single Use
Compliance CE Certified, EN 149:2001+A1:2009

Recommended Industries:

Food Manufacturing and Processing:

The 3M 9432+ FFP3 Face Mask is specially designed for the food sector, offering superior comfort and protection. It is an ideal personal protective equipment (PPE) choice for environments where employees are exposed to particulates such as flour dust, enzymatic additives, and other substances common in cleaning and maintenance tasks. This mask ensures effective respiratory protection, making it suitable for use in specific settings where maintaining hygiene and air quality is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Does this mask use staples as headband straps attachments?

No, they’re also completely free from staples and small detachable parts, helping to minimise the risk of contamination during the manufacturing process.

2) Is the 3M 9432+ mask reusable?

No, this is a single-use mask designed for safety and hygiene.

3) Can this mask be used for medical purposes?

While it provides excellent particle filtration, it is not classified as a medical mask.

4) Are there different sizes available?

The 3M 9432+ is designed to fit most adult faces with its flexible design, but it comes in one standard size.

5) How should the mask be disposed of after use?

Dispose of the mask according to local regulations for single-use protective equipment.

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