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Trident FFP3 Disposable Face Mask

£3.15 - £52.50 (Inc. VAT)
£2.62 - £43.75 (Ex. VAT)
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PLEASE NOTE: Temporarily, these masks will be supplied in plain white boxes with professional labels. Eventually, they will be sold in the correct Trident packaging. This temporary measure ensures we can bring these masks to market without delay.


Trident brings to you its premium FFP3 Level 3 Surgical Disposable Respirators in a variety of sizes, many brands only offer there masks in a one size fits all model or at most two. Trident brings you this mask in 5 sizes:

  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Regular
  • Regular with extended straps
  • XX-Large

Trident Masks produced by Industrial Group believe you should have the best-fitting mask in the world. Because of this, their team created and makes the TRIDENT® FFP3 Disposable Respirator.

The TRIDENT® FFP3 respirators are made to keep you safe and comfy in the most demanding work settings. They use cutting-edge technology and focus on a perfect fit. The three-panel design, our own customisable foam nose seal, and advanced layered technology that protects against particulates made by mechanical and thermal forces are some of the features. Industree Group knows that each person is different and has a unique face shape.

You can rest easy knowing you are getting the best safety possible with TRIDENT® FFP3 Disposable Respirators. The TRIDENT® FFP3 Disposable Respirators are great for anyone who needs the best safety for their lungs, whether they work in healthcare, building, mining, manufacturing, or their own homes.

Try it for yourself and see how TRIDENT® FFP3 disposable respirators are giving lung safety a new lease on life and technology.


  • Multiple Sizes: Availability in a variety of sizes: Extra Small, Small, Regular, Regular with Extended Straps, and 2XXL.
  • Low breathing resistance: maximising wearer comfort, durability and life of product
  • Advanced multilayer technology providing protection against mechanically and thermally generated particulates including: fluids, dusts, mists, fumes and smoke
  • Three panel design provides structural integrity, form fit seal and optimal comfort. All three mask panels and seams have been independently tested and pass AS 4381:2015 – ISO 22609:2004
  • High Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) >99%
  • Fluid Resistant: Boasts Level 3 Fluid Protection (160 mmHg), this ensures the user is protected against fluid particulates.
  • Super Soft Nose Foam: Proprietary adjustable foam nose pad to ensure consistent optimum facial seal and reduce fogging of eyewear
  • Great Fit Test Results: Specialised TRIDENT® respirator seal attains unrivalled PortaCount® fit testing results
  • Latex-Free: Mindfully made latex-free to mitigate the risk of developing allergies due to repeated exposure.
  • Individually Packaged: Each mask is individually packaged and given a batch number, which makes it easy to track, carry, and ensure hygenic use.


  • UKCA Approved
  • CE Certified
  • EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 FFP3 NR
  • ID No. BMP 732382
  • AS/NZS 1716: 2012
  • AS 4381: 2015 Level 3, 160 mmHg
  • ARTG 344154


How does this mask compare to a 3M Aura?

These masks are comparable yet more versatile as they come in more than one size. The FFP2 Trident Mask did better than the 3M Aura in both the overall success rate and the QNFT success rate on the first try. The 3M Aura worked 92.6% of the time, but the Trident P2 worked 99.2% of the time, which is really impressive. Click here to read the whole study.

What sizes are available for these FFP3 masks?

The respirators come in five seperate sizes: Extra Small, Small, Regular, Regular with Extended Straps, and XXL.

Is the respirator suitable for different face shapes and sizes?

These masks are designed in multiple sizes to ensure "hard to fit" individuals can find a mask that suits

Is this mask resistant to fluids?

Yes, the respirators offer Level 3 Fluid protection, resisting up to 160 mmHg.

Is the mask latex-free?

Yes, the mask is made latex-free to prevent the risk of allergies


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