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JSP Force 8 Half Mask Medium Mask Only (No Filters)

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Explore Superior Safety with the JSP Force 8 Half Mask Medium - Mask Only, No Filters

Product Overview

The JSP Force 8 Half Mask is an advanced respiratory protection mask that has been widely utilised in a variety of sectors, including healthcare environments like as NHS ICUs during the Covid-19 epidemic. This mask, designed for both safety and comfort, is suitable for professionals looking for dependable protection against airborne threats.


Product Highlights

  • Extended Filter Lifespan: Capable of lasting up to a month with a single filter set, depending on how intensely it's used. (depending on filters, sold seperately)
  • Usage Guidelines: Recommended 1-3 days for heavy usage, 3-5 days for moderate usage, and up to 28 days for light usage.
  • Ergonomic Construction: Crafted from robust thermoplastic rubber, it comfortably accommodates most facial contours.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Supports a wide array of Force®8 low-profile filters for diverse applications.
  • Typhoon™ Valve Technology: Offers minimal breathing resistance, boosting user comfort.
  • Affordable Filter Options: Force™ 8 filters are economical and available here
  • Seal Verification System: PressToCheck filters enable easy and immediate seal verification.

Certifications and Safety

  • Dolomite Test Approval: Demonstrates enhanced resistance to clogging in environments with dust.
  • Protection Against Construction Dust: Delivers strong defense in construction environments.
  • CR2 Reflective Feature: Boosts visibility in low-light conditions for improved safety.
  • Standards Compliance: Meets EN 140 (Face piece), EN 14387:2004 (Filter performance), and EN 143:2000 (Filter performance) requirements.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • COVID-19 Cleaning Guidelines: Effective cleaning methods include Clinell and Isopropyl alcohol wipes, soaking in solutions such as Milton™ or Actichlor™, and targeted vapor treatments. Refrain from using hydrogen peroxide solutions stronger than 3%.
  • Machine Wash Compatibility: Suitable for cleaning in the MEIKO TopClean M respirator cleaning machine. Refer to the Technical Washing Instructions under the Technical Data tab for complete details.
  • Alternative Disinfection Options: Employ Tristel solution for thorough disinfection.

Usage and Checking for Correct Fit

  • Fit It: Easily slips on with adjustable straps to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. 
  • Press It: Utilize the PressToCheck™ feature to prevent air from entering through the filters.
  • Check It: Verifies that there is no air penetration, securing a perfect seal.

Industry Applications

  • Healthcare 
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical handling
  • General industrial applications.
  • Any industry requiring robust respiratory protection.

FAQ Section

What is the best way to ensure a proper fit with the mask?
To ensure a proper fit, adjust the straps to fit snugly around your face. Make sure there are no gaps around the edges, and use the PressToCheck™ feature to verify that the mask is sealed correctly.
How often should I replace the filters on this mask?
Replace the filters according to the level of use: 1-3 days for high exposure, 3-5 days for moderate use, and up to 28 days for light exposure. Always inspect the filters regularly for any signs of damage or clogging.
Can the mask be cleaned in a regular washing machine?
This mask is compatible with specific cleaning machines like the MEIKO TopClean M respirator cleaning machine. Refer to the Technical Washing Instructions for detailed cleaning procedures. It's not recommended to clean the mask in a regular washing machine.
Is this mask effective against COVID-19?
The mask can provide protection against particulate matter that may contain viruses if used with the correct filters and worn properly. Ensure that the seal is intact using the PressToCheck™ feature and replace filters as recommended.
What should I avoid when cleaning the mask?
Avoid using hydrogen peroxide solutions above 3% as they can damage the mask. Stick to recommended cleaning agents like Clinell wipes, Isopropyl alcohol wipes, Milton™ solution, Actichlor™ solution, or Tristel solution for effective disinfection.
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