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GVS SPM900 Face Mask Sterilizer

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GVS SPM900 Face Mask Sterilizer

The GVS Face Mask Sterilizer is an efficent way to sterilise GVS FFP3 Segre F31000 Masks and also the filters from the Elipse P3 range.

The LED lamp inside the steriliser uses UVC, which can kill viruses in a few minutes, without damaging the mask or filter. It is also possible to give a fragrance to the mask using the Aromatherapy function.

The device made by GVS can also be used to sterilize other everyday objects such as mobile phones or keys. (Please note that the GVS Face Mask Sterilizer has only been tested on GVS F31000 masks and Elipse P3 filters.)


GVS Face Mask Sterilizer Video Explanation 


    • The product is multiple-function face masks and small object sterilizer and is provided with the function of sterilization and aromatherapy. Utilization of ultraviolet radiation kills bacteria, virus, etc. on various objects.
    • Dose of the UV C radiation provided in 10 min is able to deactivate MS 2 bacteriophage, Escherichia coli, Tritirachium album, Staphylococcus aureus and other common microorganisms.
    • The sterilization efficiency reaches more than 99%.
    • The product is provided with two ultraviolet germicidal lamps. Therefore, the ultraviolet ray can cover the top surface and bottom surface of the sterilizing object at the same time.
    • Ultraviolet radiation is safe sterilization method and is widely used in many elds, such as food industry, medicine, pharmaceutical, chemical engineering, electronic.



    • The UVC lamp with a wavelength of 253.7nm can disinfect with 99.9% in 10 minutes per sides

    • This product has a compact design, high aesthetic value and is easily transportable, weighing 250 grams and measuring 231 x 127 x 47 mm.

    • No liquids or chemicals are used in the GVS face mask steriliser, so it is safe to disinfect masks or filters

    • Product box, instructions and USB cable included. CE approved
    • CE Approved 2797

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