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Climax Automatic Welding Shield

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Climax Automatic Welding Shield: Optimal Protection for Precision Welding

Introducing the Climax Automatic Welding Shield, Model 421, a premier solution crafted for professional welders. This advanced welding helmet is compatible with a broad range of welding processes, including MIG/MAG, TIG/WIG, and plasma jet cutting and welding, starting from as low as 5 amperes. Specifically optimized for TIG welding, it comes equipped with a specialised detector that enhances performance during this precise welding type.

Key Features and Unique Selling Points

Advanced Detection System: Tailored for TIG welding, ensuring high sensitivity and improved welding quality.
Adjustable Comfort: Features a dual strap headgear (contour and cross strap) with customisable adjustments and padded cushions, providing superior comfort for prolonged use.
Versatile Shade Options: Includes clear shade 4 and variable shades from 9 to 13, accommodating different welding environments and intensities.
Eco-Friendly Power: Utilizes both solar cells and batteries, reducing the need for frequent battery changes and enhancing environmental sustainability.
Durable Material: Constructed from high-strength polyamide, ensuring durability and resistance to high temperatures and impacts.

Industries Usage:

Ideal for use in industries such as automotive repair, construction, and metal fabrication, where reliable and precise welding is crucial. Its robust design and adaptive features also make it suitable for professional training environments and heavy-duty industrial applications.

Technical Data and Certifications:

Material: Polyamide
Helmet Shell Size: 325 x 235 mm
Harness Size: 56-64 cm
Shades: Clear 4, variable 9-13
Power Supply: Solar cells and batteries
Certifications: EN 175 CE, EN 379 CE



1. Can the Climax Automatic Welding Shield be used for laser or gas welding?

No, the Climax Automatic Welding Shield is not suitable for laser or gas welding due to its specific design and detection system.

2. What makes the Climax Automatic Welding Shield ideal for TIG welding?

It is equipped with a special detector that improves sensitivity and performance specifically for TIG welding, making it highly effective for this type of process.

3. How does the adjustable strap system work?

The helmet features a headgear with two straps. The contour strap’s circumference is adjustable via a wing nut, and the cross strap’s length can be modified to seven different positions, ensuring a perfect fit.

4. What are the power options for this welding helmet?

The helmet is powered by solar cells complemented with batteries, offering long-lasting use and reducing the need for frequent battery replacements.

5. What are the safety certifications of the Climax Automatic Welding Shield?

The helmet adheres to the safety standards outlined in EN 175 CE and EN 379 CE, providing assurance of its safety and reliability in various working conditions.

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