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Why Should You Choose a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator?

Why Should You Choose a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator?

Posted by The Face Mask Store on 13th May 2021

Why Should You Choose a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator

Face masks have very quickly become the norm to us all over the last year with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with typical disposable masks in high demand and short supply, you may have found yourself shopping around for other products that protect you from the virus and other respiratory germs. One of those options you may have considered is a powered air-purifying respirator. (PAPR)

What is a powered air-purifying respirator?

A PAPR has been developed and designed as an enhanced PPE system. Its battery-powered respirator filters surrounding air by removing any harmful particles and contaminates via its high-efficiency particulate air filter. With the protective hood, this system provides full protection for the head and the shoulders, however, they are a versatile and comfortable option as you can configure them as a full-face or hooded face piece to suit your needs. PAPR’s are now designed effectively enough for them to become useful for first responders in healthcare settings.

Why might you choose a PAPR?

An air-purifying respirator simply purifies air, such as a half-mask respirator. The powered part is the key difference that splits PAPR’s from usual respirators. When using a power source, powered air-purifying respirators use a blower to force the ambient air through the purifying elements to the inlet covering. By being battery powered, the system includes components such as a breathing tube, head piece and more.

What are the benefits of choosing a PAPR?

Although PAPR’s are in the higher price range, the benefits to using one may be justified in the sense that the respiratory systems are;

  • Easier and more comfortable breathing - By using a blower instead of lung power to draw the air through the filter, the user can breathe easier and more naturally due to the constant airflow being delivered by the blower.
  • Integrated eye protection - The integrated face shields help protect your eyes and face from exposure to hazards such as sparks and debris. Whilst offering optimal protection, they offer optical clarity with a wide field of vision. This allows the wearer to easily view their surroundings and increase safety in certain working environments.
  • Integrated PPE from the neck up - In previous experience, you may have had full PPE, but each item could be made from separate companies and therefore, not fit together exactly right, risking less protection. However, some PAPR systems may include protection such as hard hat protection, limited eye protection as well as face and respiratory protection all rolled into one.

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