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What you should consider when purchasing protective coveralls

Posted by Karla on 7th Jun 2022

What you should consider when purchasing protective coveralls

It is vitally important that organisations keep workers safety as their number one priority. Especially if they’re working in a dangerous environment. Whilst focusing on purchasing work equipment that’s of the highest quality to guarantee results from your workers, you also need to equip them with the necessary protective equipment to ensure they are safe at all times. These may include asbestos kits, protective coveralls, masks and respirators, there may be even more additional equipment depending on the workplace. Amongst everything, protective coveralls are the most demanded equipment, and here we have some crucial aspects you must consider when you are purchasing protective coveralls for your workers.


When you are beginning to look for protective coveralls or PPE for yourself or your workers, one of the first things you need to consider is durability. Even if you’re shopping for disposable coveralls, they should last throughout the time or the entire duration of your shift. If you’re looking for coveralls that aren’t disposable, you should consider purchasing long-lasting PPE that’s going to keep you going for a few months to save on additional costs in repurchasing them repeatedly. If you’re on the lookout for coveralls it's obvious that you’re going to be exposed to severe conditions and harsh elements that you’d prefer to avoid, so durability is vitally important. These coveralls need to be able to withstand these conditions to ensure your protection, DuPont Tyvek is a popular choice that will keep you clean and safe while you work.


If you’re exposed to a high-traffic environment or you’re working inside a dark area it’s important to remain visible to avoid any accidents. Depending on where you’re working, you must be painted with fluorescent strips or bright colours to remain visible from afar. If you’re working on highways, the roadside, or in light-ridden places then visibility is essential for your safety.


Coveralls are designed to protect your body from any hazardous elements in the workplace, whilst also protecting the clothing you’re wearing underneath. Some coveralls are made from stronger materials that are designed for people working with highly hazardous elements. These include fire-resistant coveralls, coveralls for chemical protection, asbestos coveralls, and coveralls with a stain-release finish. It’s important to consider what elements you’ll be coming into contact with on a daily basis when you’re looking for coveralls, to ensure you’ve got the best protection possible.

Comfort and Fit

It’s important that you and your workers remain comfortable, so this is another important factor to consider when purchasing coveralls. If your team are working long hours and are extremely uncomfortable, then they won’t be able to give their best work and this will result in poor performances, which is the last thing you need. The coverall may not be a perfect fit, as long as it’s not baggy as the fabric might get caught in machines which could result in catastrophic situations. Always remember that the collars need to completely cover the worker’s neck, especially if they’re working with glass or any other sharp objects.


The cost of your protective kits will depend on the level of resistance that it offers, the quality of the fabric, the special protection it provides as well as the quantity you’re buying in. However, the cost of your coveralls isn’t the only cost-related factor you need to consider. The maintenance, including washing and repair costs, the life of the garment, and its overall usability, are many other factors that you need to consider when totalling up your costs.

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