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What is the difference between the 3M 1873V+ and 3M 9332+ Face Mask?

What is the difference between the 3M 1873V+ and 3M 9332+ Face Mask?

Posted by Sam Tucker on 15th Nov 2022


In terms of the material composition, design and how they fit, they are exactly same.

✔ Both are FFP3 NR D (non-reusable, dolomite clogging tested) classified according to EN 149

✔ Each mask uses the same 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve technology and are based on the same 3M Aura™ flat fold design.

✔ Both are certified with the same CE certification (CE 2797)*1

✔ Both use the same non-latex red colour coded headband straps

✔ Each mask is sealed in identical packaging *2

Model Numbers & Marketing

The only noticeable visual difference is that the model number stamped on the front of each is different, one states 1873V+ and one states 9332+, this is used to market them to certain industries, as shown below by the two different retail box pictures:

The 9332+ has been historically marketed to the public, building trade, DIY industry, construction business as a non-reusable FFP3 particulate respirator. Which is why you will generally be able to pick it up from your local DIY business.

The 1873V+ has been marketed to the healthcare division such as private hospitals, the NHS and dental surgeries. Certain NHS trusts, for example, will specify that they only want this mask model as it has been classified as a health care respirator, however there is no real discernible between the two when purely assessing material composition.

This marketing strategy by 3M is probably (we are guessing) to ensure they can easily see how popular this mask is across various industries.

Main difference - Price

The main difference as you may well have noticed, is that price can vary massively across these two models. The 3M 9332+ is generally much cheaper to purchase than the 3M 1873V+, especially when you are looking at purchasing them in bulk.

You can view both models here:

3M 9332+

3M 1873V+

If you are looking to purchase one of these masks and have any questions please contact us on or call us on 01749 938 160


*1The stock pictures may show CE 0086, 3M took these stock pictures which all retailers use prior to the new CE 2797 being issued. You can see this new CE number in the actual mask pictures we show on our listing.

*2 Please note: this packaging varies slightly, due to how 3M seal these masks