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What are Nitrile Gloves?

What are Nitrile Gloves?

21st Jun 2022

What are Nitrile Gloves?

Made of a synthetic material that is similar to latex, Nitrile gloves are used heavily by people who work within the healthcare profession. Nitrile is one of the best glove materials available, offering a synthetic rubber compound that has become an affordable, effective material to be used as gloves. With a high number of people allergic to latex there had to be an alternative, non-allergic, disposable glove, which is where the Nitrile gloves come in. Even if the wearer of the gloves isn’t allergic to latex, anyone that they come into contact with could be, which is why Nitrile gloves were developed, to help rectify the allergy issue. When it comes to chemical resistance, nitrile gloves have a high durability, and they are also manufactured using strong material which offers added protection against puncture.

Nitrile, just like latex and vinyl, is a waterproof substance, so you can work without having to worry about your gloves getting soaked and weakening. You can wear nitrile gloves under work gloves to make your hands waterproof any time it is needed. Nitrile can withstands a temperature range of −40 to 108 °C (−40 to 226 °F), making it ideal for professions where you have to touch hot or cold surfaces. This is why in many industries nitrile gloves are the preferred choice by far since they offer protection from sudden heat or cold without melting or becoming brittle.

What are nitrile gloves used for?

Nitrile gloves are excellent to use for protection against corrosive chemicals, offering a much better level of protection compared to latex gloves. Nitrile gloves are used in various different industries including medical, automotive, dental, laboratories, aerospace, food handling, engineering, chemical manufacturing and more.

What types of nitrile gloves are there?

There are two main types of nitrile gloves; medical-grade nitrile gloves and industrial nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves are becoming the most popular choice for medical use due to their high puncture resistance and they aren’t prone to causing allergic reactions. As an added bonus nitrile gloves are designed with anti-sweat properties which makes them much more comfortable for wearing over long durations. Latex can make hands sweat so this can be distracting and uncomfortable. Industrial grade nitrile gloves are thicker and more durable. Industrial gloves are used when dealing with heavy-duty chemicals. 

Here at the Face Mask Store, we stock a vast range of Nitrile gloves and many other different types of gloves to suit your needs.