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Unmasking the Details Between the 3M Aura 9330+ and Handanhy HY9330

Unmasking the Details Between the 3M Aura 9330+ and Handanhy HY9330

Posted by K on 18th Aug 2023

Unmask The Details Between HY9330 & 3M Aura 9330+

With the significance of face masks rising once again, the everyday use of a respiratory mask is no longer of interest to just the medical field but to the general as a whole. 

The Handanhy HY9300 & 3M Aura 9330+ are 2 masks that stand out to individuals yet hold a lot of questions. 

Whilst all masks may serve the same function, different brands and protection levels differ which can adjust the efficiency of certain masks. 

Here, we look at the 2 masks in depth, discussing their similarities and differences. We also provide some useful insights into use and how people really use them. 


  • Protection Level: The HY9330 & 3M Aura 9330+ are FFP3 rated, which is the highest FFP rating available.
  • Filtration Efficiency: These masks have a 99% filtration efficiency. These are designed to filter particles as small as 0.3 microns thanks to their constructed high-quality material. 
  • Design Aesthetics: Both are flat fold design, foam nose seal and sport a snug fit. 
  • Protection Straps - These masks support headband straps, which offer that extra bit of protection as well as comfort.
  • Single-Use - Both HY9330 & 3M Aura 9330+ are NR D made, this means that they are Non-Reusable & Disposable. 


  • Branding: First up is the brand 3M has a well-established & longstanding reputation in PPE manufacturing. Handanhy, although well known, are not as well-known as 3M, however continue to grow. 
  • Price Point: Their prices may vary noticeably from one another, typically because of variances in brand value and subtleties in production.
  • Manufacturers: Due to the different brands, each have manufacturers in different regions, due to this may have different production standards.
  • Headband: The 3M Aura 9330+ headband straps are made from a rubber material, whereas the Handanhy HY9330 headband straps are made from woven material. 
  • Additional Feature: The HY9330 has a lightweight material and has a polypropylene inner & outer layer for a smooth linin and comfortable feel on the face. The 3M Aura 9330+ features a 3 panel design, which aids in lowering breathing resistance.

What Do People Prefer?

Although the 3M Aura 9330 & the HY9330 may serve the same purpose of providing protection, the choice solely come down to personal choice and how one feels about the trust in brand, specific features and price points. Many may choose 3M due to it's popularity and reliability. However, Handanhy is not one to overlook, as it holds it's own performance as well as reliability. 


How often should I replace these masks?

Both masks are designed as non reusable / disposable. Meaning each masks should be disposed off after use and a new one should be used to replace. 

Are both masks suitable for medical settings?

Whilst both masks provide robust protection, it's crucial to ensure they meet with medical standards on intended use.

Are both masks certified according to the same standard?

Both masks meet the EN Classification 149:2001 + A1:2009 FFP3 NR D and are CE certified. 

How are the masks stored before use?

Each mask comes either singly or in a box of 20. Both are individually factory-sealed.

Disclaimer: This blog is a general overview and not an endorsement of one product over another. Always refer to product specifications and consult experts when choosing safety equipment.