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Things to consider when choosing a mask

Things to consider when choosing a mask

Posted by Sam on 24th Mar 2022

During the pandemic, it has been crucial that everyone plays their part in washing their hands, social distancing and wearing masks to help combat the virus and keep others safe as well as ourselves. Finding the mask that’s best for you shouldn’t be a difficult task, for some people it’s harder than others. Sometimes it depends on the material and the activities you are doing when you’re wearing a face mask, you need the perfect mask that doesn’t impact your day to day life. If you’re working out or playing sports, look for masks with soft, stretchy material like spandex and polyester. These materials will help wick away sweat during intense physical activity or when you are sweating.

If you’re struggling to breathe with the mask you currently have, then switch to a mask made from multiple (about two to three layers) of tightly woven cotton, cotton-polyester blends or linen materials. Some masks can do more harm than good and should be avoided. Avoid wearing masks that are made out of fleece where possible, as they increase the number of respiratory droplets being released into the air. During the colder seasons, it’s important to continue to wear a mask underneath scarves or other cold weather gear. Scarves aren’t designed to provide protection from droplets and aerosols.

There is a number of factors to consider when picking the mask that’s best for you. Whether you’re shopping for one, making your own or choosing from masks that are donated, there are things to consider when selecting the right mask for you:

  • Best fitting - does the mask fit perfectly around your face without being too constricted? The mask should cover your nose and fit across the bridge of your nose and cheeks, sitting comfortably under your chin whilst hugging the sides of your face and cheeks without gaps.
  • Breathability - look for multi-layered tight woven cotton, cotton-polyester blends or linen. Do not wear masks made out of fleece, because fleece may not provide as much filtration as other multi-layered coverings.
  • Moisture-wicking - look for fabrics that are made with soft stretchy materials, such as spandex or polyester. They pull moisture away from your skin which helps keep you cool.
  • Stays in place and easy to put on - the mask should be at the least secured by the use of earloops, or better still head band straos..
  • Long-term use - reusable and washable masks are more ideal and cost-efficient.

Here at the Face Mask Store, we stock a wide range of face masks that can help within any environment. We have perfectly fitted masks, our range varies from FFP3 Face Masks to Reusable Masks, and Full Face Masks to Powered Air Respirators, we’ve got you covered.


(image credit: Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash)