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The Xuperfab mask by and Honeywell combines aromatherapy with music

The Xuperfab mask by and Honeywell combines aromatherapy with music

Posted by Sam Tucker on 8th Nov 2021

The latest addition to the Xupermask line up is soon to arrive - The limited-edition Xuperfab, featuring ear bud holders and a scented experience for the wearer.

Xupermask is the brainchild of and Jose Fernandez, who worked closely in partnership with renowned technology company Honeywell. This ground-breaking smart tech mask was released earlier in 2021 and rapidly sold out on its first drop.

Jose Fernandez is a Hollywood costume design expert, known for producing a variety of superheroes in films over the past 30 years, such as Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Thor and Black Panther.

(Jose and together at Xupermask*)

The all new Xuperfab mask has a distinct emphasis on enhanced wearability, it features a more familiar fabric moisture resistant design with adjustable ear loops.

Each mask is designed in Los Angeles and comes with 18 innovative personalised patches, 54 scented stickers, allowing the user to change the mask to suit their style.The mask also includes integrated ear bud holders, a gesture to’s passion for audio innovation.

The filtering components of the mask are designed by Honeywell, you receive 12 inserts with each Xupermask. It is not clear yet what level of particulate filtration these perform at (more on that to come, we hope)

The Xuperfab Mask is the “everyday answer to wearing a mask, and personalising” says

Keep an eye on Xupermask for the latest updates surrounding this new mask. 


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