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The Ultimate Guide To FFP3 Face Masks

The Ultimate Guide To FFP3 Face Masks

Posted by KB on 19th Apr 2023

As we go through life, it's vital we keep up with forever evolving safety protocols. lets face it, we've all had to adapt to the widespread use of face masks very quickly haven't we? 

when it comes to facemasks, FFP3 defeats all. In this guide, we'll explore everything there is to know about these masks, from what they are, how they work, to maintenance and even suggestions. 

So lets get on with it. 

What Are FFP3 Face Masks?

Lets get to the lowdown. FFP3 face masks are also known as filtering facepiece respirators. They are respirators that meet the European Standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009 for high-level protection against airborne particles. 

These masks offer maximum protection, blocking minimum of 99% particles at 0.3microns and above. 

Serious protection. 

FFP3 VS Other Face Masks

Here's a rundown of comparison between the highest level of filtration and the lowest:

1. FFP1 Masks: The most basic among FFP series, mainly used in building or food industry. Offering minimum filtration efficiency of 80% 

2. FFP2 Masks: The middle man. Providing 94% filtration efficiency. 

3. Surgical Masks: Designed to protect wearers from droplets, offering limited personal protection

4. Cloth Masks: Homemade or store-bought, these masks vary in quality & provide basic protection. 

When And Where To Wear An FFP3 Face Mask.

FFP3 face masks are recommended for use in high-risk environments or when maximum protection is needed. Some scenarios where you might consider using an FFP3 mask include:

  • Healthcare settings
  • Working with hazardous materials
  • In areas with high levels of pollution
  • During virus outbreaks

When in doubt, if concerned about your health & safety opt in for a FFP3 mask.

How To Properly Wear & Fit An FFP3 Face Mask. 

A Step-By-Step Guide 

To get the most out of your FFP3 face mask, it's crucial to wear it correctly. Follow these steps to ensure a snug fit:

  1. Wash your hands: This is a no-brainer, folks. Clean hands are the first line of defence against the spread of germs.
  2. Position the mask: Make sure the mask is oriented correctly, with the nose clip facing upwards.
  3. Place the mask over your face: Hold the mask by the straps and position it over your nose and mouth.
  4. Secure the straps: Pull the straps over your head and secure them in place, with one strap above your ears and the other below.
  5. Adjust the nose clip: Pinch the nose clip to mould it around the contours of your nose for a secure seal.
  6. Check the fit: Ensure there are no gaps around the edges of the mask and that it fits snugly against your face. A good trick is to exhale forcefully to check for any air escaping from the sides.

Remember, a well-fitted FFP3 mask is essential for optimal protection. So take a moment to ensure you've got it spot on.

Maintenance And Disposale Of FFP3 Face Masks.

When To Replace Your Mask

All FFP3 face masks are different. Some are disposable, some are recyclable. It's important to maintain this either way. Keep an eye on wear & tear or when it comes harder to breathe through the mask. If this occurs, it's time to replace.

Disposal TIPS

When it's time to say goodbye to your trusty FFP3 mask, be sure to dispose of it properly to avoid spreading germs. Simply place the used mask in a sealed plastic bag and toss it in the bin. And don't forget to wash your hands after handling a used mask – better safe than sorry!

Did you also know THE FACE MASK STORE run a zero waste PPE recycling program where all you have to do is send your masks back and they do the rest. 

Where to Buy FFP3 Face Masks

Where To Buy FFP3 Face Masks?

If you're now itching to get your hands on an FFP3 face mask, you can find them at the following places:

  • Online retailers
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical supply stores
  • Some supermarkets

Just be sure to look for masks that meet the EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard to ensure you're getting genuine FFP3 protection.

Our 5 Best choices to buy today 

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3M 9330

FFP3 Opharm

You Ask We Answer

Q: How long can I wear an FFP3 face mask?

A: The duration for which you can comfortably wear an FFP3 face mask depends on factors such as breathing resistance and personal comfort. Generally, it's recommended to change the mask after 8 hours of continuous use or sooner if it becomes damp or difficult to breathe through.

Q: Can I wear glasses with an FFP3 face mask?

A: Absolutely! To prevent your glasses from fogging up, ensure that the mask is properly fitted and the nose clip is adjusted to create a snug seal around your nose.

Q: Do FFP3 face masks protect against viruses?

A: FFP3 face masks are highly effective at filtering out airborne particles, including viruses. However, no mask can provide 100% protection, so it's important to continue practising other preventive measures, such as hand hygiene and social distancing.


So within this guide, we've covered all the bases, from understanding what FFP3 is and when to wear masks with this filtration. To proper fitting, maintenance & disposal. With this new knowledge, you can confidently choose FFP3 face masks for top-notch protection in different situations. So go ahead and breathe easy, with this knowledge provided.