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Reliable face masks to keep you warm and protected through winter

Reliable face masks to keep you warm and protected through winter

Posted by Sam Tucker on 18th Jan 2022

While we’re approaching another long winter with extremely cold temperatures, there’s no better time than now to shop for face masks, the extra layer of cold weather gear you might need. During winter, we need to protect ourselves from air pollution, bacteria and viruses and with the re-introduction of masks in public places, there’sno better time than to invest in a new one. The drop in temperature sees our immune system become weaker which gives developing virus infections more freedom. That’s why we need essential features with our winter masks to protect our health:


During the pandemic, we were introduced to face masks to help slow down the spread of COVID-19. The masks we wear should be equipped with good filters that combine good breathability and are efficient enough to prevent viruses from entering our bodies.

Well fitted

Masks without a system that allows you to tighten the mask to your face won't be very protective. If your mask isn’t tight enough for you, there are options to solve this, for example, you can buy plastic universal adapters that hold some masks to the face. Some masks have various ways of tightening, the majority of face masks are designed with a metal clip on the top of the nose.

Easy to breathe and comfortable

As many of us have gathered over the last two years of wearing face masks, it can be a pain to keep them on for long periods of time. Especially when you’re struggling to breathe and the mask squeezes your face. Good quality masks should be installed with filters that provide you with better breathability and excellent airflow. We are also faced with moisture from exhaled air under our masks, and to deal with this you need exhale valves that let the air from breathed air exit the mask freely, which improves the comfort of use.


Lower temps outside make it easier to get sick. The cooling of the respiratory tract in the nose and throat to 32-35 degrees C create perfect conditions for the development of rhinoviruses, which are the main cause of colds and runny noses. The combination of a weakened immune response and a cold organism leads to frequent and easy colds. From products available on the market mostly you have to choose between bandanas, balaclavas, neck gaiters, neck warmers, etc. They do not have any filters inside, so you should use them together with a mask.

Here at the Face Mask Store, we have a range of comfortable masks in our reusable masks section, that will also keep your face warm during the winter weather.


(Photo Credit by Anna Shvets from Pexels)