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Plane Safe: The Top 5 Masks to Wear on an Airplane

Plane Safe: The Top 5 Masks to Wear on an Airplane

Posted by The Face Mask Store on 26th Oct 2021

As international travel picks up again, staying safe while flying is every air traveller’s priority – for themselves and their fellow passengers. Most airlines require passengers to wear a mask at all times on the aircraft so it’s vital to choose the one right for you.

From the most comfortable to those that offer the highest levels of protection, here we present the top five masks to wear on an airplane.

Handanhy HY9330 FFP3 Mask

BEST FOR: The highest level of protection

High risk individuals who are elderly or immune-compromised would benefit from the Handanhy HY9330 mask. Offering the highest level of protection for a disposable mask, this FFP3 respirator (filtering face piece) creates a layer of protection to filter out a minimum of 99% of very fine airborne particles* [1]

The Handanhy HY9330 is also more reliable than similar brands as its head straps are glued, not stapled and less prone to snapping. What’s more, the non-latex straps are fabric coated to prevent pesky hair-pulling!

Buy it here £3.48 per mask

NEQI Reusable Face Masks

BEST FOR: Comfort

If you’re jetting off on long-haul then picking a super comfortable mask that won’t itch, pull or rub is going to be a top priority. Made with a soft, cotton-poly-spandex blend, NEQI’s reusable facemasks are ultra-lightweight and comfy.

They’re fully Which tried and tested too – capturing 80% of particles on the first test and 72% after five washes.

Buy it here £14.40 for a pack of 3

Rosimask FFP2 Unvalved Face Mask

BEST FOR: Value for Money

When you’re mask shopping on a budget, the Rosimask FFP2 Face Mask will do the trick. With FFP2 protection and 5 layers of filtration, they are safe and effective.

The Rosimask comes in all colours of the rainbow, so why not choose your favourite to make a fun fashion statement when you’re flying?

Buy it here £7.50 for a box of 10

Airpop Pocket Mask

BEST FOR: Hybrid Reusability

If you’re loathe to throw masks away daily but don’t like the thought of using the same one long-term, the Airpop Pocket Mask is a hybrid, 4-layer mask that lasts for 10 washes. Which love it so much, it’s their rated best buy, filtering an incredible 99.9% of particles before washing, and 94% after five washes.

With a 3D adaptable design and nose-bridge seal it’s as comfy as it is safe. When you’re disembarking the plane, you can even pop it in its very own super-sleek storage case .

Buy it here £19.80 for a pack of 4

Rosimask Children’s FFP2 Unvalved Face Mask

BEST FOR: Children

Many airlines require young ones to wear a mask while on board too and it’s important to protect their safety. A junior version of the Rosimask FFP2 Unvalved Face Mask, this one offers all the same benefits but in a smaller size.

From pink and green to blue and red, kids will love choosing their favourite colour to wear on their flight.

Buy it here £6 for a box of 10

[1] particles 0.3 microns in diameter

(Photo Credit - Photo by ismail mohamed - SoviLe on Unsplash)