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Optimal Face Masks for Larger Faces – Find Your Perfect Fit

Optimal Face Masks for Larger Faces – Find Your Perfect Fit

Posted by Karla on 9th Nov 2023

"I have a large face, what face mask should I buy?" 

It can be overwhelming when choosing a face mask.

With a large variety on the market it can leave us confused and questioning 'Do I have the right fit?'. 
For some it's a straightforward task, however individuals with a larger / broader face may find it more difficult and even lead to less than ideal fit and compromised safety.
A proper fitting mask is crucial as oversized or undersized masks can be detrimental to a persons safety since they don't provide adequate filtration and containment of particles.

Types Of Masks Suitable For Larger Faces

Purchasing a mask when you’re blessed with a larger face need not be a daunting affair. With the right information and a clear understanding of what to look for, you can find a mask that sits perfectly on your face, ensuring comfort without compromising on safety.

3M VFlex 9152 FFP2 Face Mask

3M VFlex 9152 FFP2 Face Mask

The design of the 3M VFlex 9152 mask incorporates V-shaped pleats that seamlessly flex with the movements of the mouth,  enabling easier communication and enhancing breathing comfort. An additional distinctive element is the embossed front panel, which is key in maintaining the respirator's structural integrity. One of the mask’s features is its versatility in accommodating a diverse range of facial structures.
The distribution of strap pressure is meticulously engineered to deliver improved comfort across the neck, face, and head, coupled with a sensation of secure fit. The adjustable nose clip, crafted with a metal detectable material, allows for a personalised fit and a robust seal. The mask features advanced electret filter media that provides efficient filtration with minimal breathing resistance, ensuring consistent high-calibre performance. This combination of features underscores the mask's innovative design focused on both safety and comfort.

Delta Plus M1300V FFP3 NR D Moulded Face Masks with Valve

Delta Plus M1300V

Crafted with a moulded structure from non-woven synthetic fibres, the Delta Plus M1300V mask perfectly captures the balance between form and function. It is fitted with broad adjustable straps that enable meticulous tightening and steadfast positioning, ensuring that the mask remains securely in place during various activities. The straps' design is universally accommodating, offering a tailored fit for every head shape and size. Its lightweight construction is thoughtfully complemented by being latex-free, which caters to both comfort and hypoallergenic needs. This mask comes highly recommended for professionals in the construction sector, those operating in hygiene-sensitive environments, and individuals engaged in craft-related activities. The design not only promises ease of wear but also assures compliance with stringent safety standards in professional settings.

Alpha Solway 3030V Valved FFP3 Face Mask Respirator

Alpha Solway 3030V

The Alpha Solway 3030V model, showcases a lightweight, cup-shaped respirator that combines comfort with versatility. Its four-point headband strap system allows for an adjustable fit, accommodating a spectrum of facial contours. A noteworthy feature of this mask is the preformed nose bridge, which offers the wearer the convenience of a consistent fit without the need for continuous readjustment. Enhanced with an electrostatic filter media that includes an additional polypropylene layer, the mask is engineered for effective particle filtration. It is a disposable unit, designed for single-shift use, ensuring optimal hygiene and performance during its wear time. The 3030V exemplifies a balance between sophisticated design and practical application for respiratory protection. 

See below the dimensions to the Alpha Solway 3000 series - 3030V

JSP M632 Moulded Disposable FFP3 Valved Face Mask

JSP M632 Moulded Mask

Recent research indicates a remarkable 99.7% success rate in positive quantitative face fit tests for wearers of the JSP M632 moulded mask, details of which are accessible via the link provided below:

Mirroring the high standards of other recommended masks in this selection, the JSP M632 is equipped with four-point adjustable straps, catering to a universal fit for all facial geometries. It boasts a contoured design coupled with FFP3 level protection, setting a benchmark for safety. The inclusion of an exhalation valve markedly eases breathing, ensuring comfort during prolonged use. Additionally, the mask features a comprehensive 360° internal foam pad for maximum comfort against the skin, and it maintains a completely metal-free composition, aligning with stringent safety regulations.

3M 8835+ FFP3 R D Reusable Valved Dust Mask

3M 8835+ FFP3

Unlike most on the list, the 3M 8835+ distinguishes itself with its reusable nature, affording multiple uses. After use, it may be thoroughly cleaned with a 3M 105 wipe or a regular antibacterial wipe to maintain cleanliness and prepare it for use again. It is crucial to note that this model is not suitable for machine washing or immersion in water. The mask features a four-point adjustable headband, meticulously designed to secure a snug fit while offering sustained comfort to the face, head, and neck areas. The interior showcases a soft and pliable face seal, enhancing the comfort quotient for the user. Additionally, it has been tested in Dolomite dust environments to ensure easier breathing for the wearer, an endorsement of its performance in challenging conditions.

Trident FFP2 Level 3 Surgical Disposable 2XXL 

Trident FFP2 2XXL

The Trident 2XXL masks have been masterfully crafted to embody versatility, providing an efficacious fit for even the most challenging facial contours. They have a strong, multi-layered barrier that is effective in preventing particle infiltration. This unisex mask is designed to cater to all, featuring a three-panel construction that guarantees a snug, form-fitting seal. Its latex-free composition is a testament to its inclusive design philosophy, ensuring it is accessible to those with latex sensitivities. Furthermore, the mask is engineered to offer minimal breathing resistance, facilitating ease of use.

For individuals with a larger head circumference, Trident also offers a variant with extended straps, ensuring that comfort and fit are not compromised, regardless of head size.

Face Shapes & Mask Compatibility

Disclaimer ALERT:

It's crucial to note that only a fit test can definitively ascertain which mask provides the optimum fit for your face. These suggestions are merely a starting point to help narrow down options and limit the chances of selecting an ill-fitting mask. A mask's effectiveness is largely determined by its fit, ensuring that there are no gaps through which airborne particles can pass. Therefore, a professional fit test is highly recommended, as it can accurately determine the mask that aligns best with your facial features and offers the highest level of protection and comfort. Remember, a well-fitting mask enhances not just comfort, but also the level of protection it provides against potential contaminants in the environment.

FAQ: Your Questions Answered

What is the best face mask for someone with a large face?

The best face mask for someone with a large face is one that fits securely without causing discomfort. Masks which have been recommended may be the best fit however, if we have missed any out that work well for you then let us know so we can share. 

How can I tell if a mask is too small?

A mask is too small if it pulls on your ears, leaves marks on your face, or fails to cover your nose and chin completely.

Can I adjust a mask that’s too small?

In some cases, strap extenders can help make a mask fit better. However, it’s generally advisable to find a mask that is the right size for your face.

Are FFP3 masks better than FFP2?

FFP3 masks offer higher filtration efficiency of 99% whereas an FFP2 has 94% filtration efficiency. It all comes down to your preference and which you would prefer is better for yourself. 

The Right Fit Matters

In conclusion, finding a well-fitting face mask for a large face requires consideration of size, comfort, filtration efficiency, and compliance with safety standards. By reviewing the options outlined above, you can find a mask that offers both protection and comfort. Remember, the right fit is crucial for effective mask use.