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Masks & Mindfulness: A Guide To Responsible Disposal

Masks & Mindfulness: A Guide To Responsible Disposal

Posted by K on 31st Aug 2023

Masks & Mindfulness: A Guide To Responsible Disposal

The ever-increasing availability of face masks have prompted discussion of an important and sometime disregarded issue: how to dispose of them properly. 

With many of masks being discarded daily, appropriate disposal methods come into play. These help both environmentally and physically. 

We attempt to shed light on the most responsible methods to discard your masks. 

1. Domestic Waste Disposal 

The quickest way for people to dispose of their masks is through domestic waste channels. 

How does it work?

  • Place your used mask in a zip lock bag or something that can keep it sealed. 
  • Ensure the bag is sealed securely to minimise risk of contamination
  • Deposit the bag in your household rubbish bin 

The advantages

  • Using this method reduces the danger of transmission if infected. 
  • By preventing masks from being discarded carelessly, it reduces environmental contamination. 

2. Designated Medical Waste Bins 

Public spaces are growing for the disposal of masks and specific bins are implemented exclusively for this. 

How does it work?

  • Look out for the bins labelled for masks or medical waste disposal.
  • Place the mask inside, avoid leaving it on top or nearby. 

The Advantages:

  • These bins handle medical waste including masks. Certain individuals are responsible for a safe disposal within these containers.
  • This method protects handlers from exposure.

3. Special Collection Services 

As part of waste disposal services, some cities and private companies offer mask removal services. 

How does it work? 

  • Store used masks in a sealed bag until they are collected.
  • Talk to the service provider to find out the next step. 

The Advantages

  • Masks are disposed in a safe and efficient way, whilst the process is centralised and controlled. 
  • Reduces pressure on conventional waste management systems. 

The Face Mask Store

Here at The Face Mask Store we implement our own recycle scheme. This relates to the 3rd option within this blog which is Special Collection System 

How does it work?

  1. Purchase Face Mask PPE Zero Wate Recycle Program
  2. We send out a Label to you 
  3. Pack the accepted PPE into a cardboard box (We will recycle the cardboard box too of course)
  4. Stick the Returns Label on your box 
  5. Post it back to us via Royal Mail and we do the rest. 

The Face Mask Store explain what PPE can and cannot be accepted within their program which you can view here


With methods of disposal of masks varying, the aim remain consistent: ensuring safety and ecological responsibility. It's important to be aware of regulations and use caution in order to maintain safety within our environment.