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Introducing the Handanhy HY9320 FFP2 Mask  - A rival to the 3M Aura 9320+

Introducing the Handanhy HY9320 FFP2 Mask - A rival to the 3M Aura 9320+

Posted by Sam Tucker on 14th Feb 2022

The HY9320 FFP2 Mask by Handanhy is a great alternative to the 3M 9320+ and worth considering whilst choosing masks.

Whilst it is not quite as cost-effective as the 3M 9320+ (we are working on that), our customer feedback usually highlights two things:

- More comfortable

- Feels more secure

The HY9320 design features material bands covering the straps, which means it is less likely to pull on your hair or face and makes putting on the mask much easier. The 3M 9320+ has raw elastic bands which can easily catch on long hand or pull slightly on your face.

The HY9320 straps are attached to the mask using glued down straps, rather than staples as with the 3M 9320+, meaning there is less chance of the band snapping.

Both are flat fold, unvalved and offer FFP2 protection. They are both designed to be non-reusable masks.

The England football team medics used Handanhy HY9330 masks (the FFP3 version) during the UEFA European Football Championship 2020, if you needed a better reason to check them out (see below).

See full details of the HY9320 FFP2 Mask offered by Handanhy here