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Ensuring Safety: The Crucial Role of Protective Measures When Handling Asbestos

Ensuring Safety: The Crucial Role of Protective Measures When Handling Asbestos

Posted by K on 17th May 2023

Ensuring Safety: The Crucial Role of Protective Measures When Handling Asbestos

Asbestos is a hazardous material that is widely used within many industries. However, there are serious health risks consequences. 

Here we review the importance of protective measures. We talk about prioritising safety protocols and ensure a safe working environment to all involved. 



There are dangers when it comes to asbestos. If the material is not handled properly, it may result in serious and long-lasting heath issues if not managed appropriately. 

Factors that need to be considered when dealing with asbestos:

  • Dosage/Extent of exposure.
  • Duration of exposure.
  • Variety of fibre sizes and shapes.

Importance Of Protective Measures 

To enable security, it is important to implement the appropriate precautions and set them in place. Not only for yourself and workers but for the compliance of legal regulations too. 

Preventing danger is priority and make sure that exposure can be reduced. 

Employers, by law, are required to provide safety within the working environment. 

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) 

Protective clothing and respiratory equipment shields the user from asbestos fibres, preventing risk of inhalation and skin exposure. 

A variety of PPE is available depending on the level of asbestos exposure and nature of tasks performed. 

Masks Available When Working With Asbestos 

3M 7500 Half Mask Reusable Respirator

From £25

This mask come in 3 different sizes S / M / L. 

It offers a high level of comfort and a good fit across a wide selection of face shapes & sizes with a head cradle that can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of head sizes. It also includes neck restraints add an extra layer of safety. Its got a built in exhalation valve with helps direct breath and moisture downwards to avoid fogging of glasses or face shields. The half mask is made with a strong body and when secured a leak free seal. 

Compatible with 6000, 2000 & 5000 cartridges.

(Filters sold separately) 

3M 6000 Reusable Half Mask Respirator 

From £25.50 

Available in S / M / L

It's strong, gently textured silicone face seal and sturdy body, provides comfort, durability and stability. It has a lightweight designed which makes it a favourite for professionals. This mask has a strong body and stable silicone face seal that makes a leak-proof seal when mask is in place. 

Compatible with 6000, 2000 & 5000 cartridges.

(Filters sold separately) 

3M 6035 encapsulated P3 R particulate filters 

From £8 Per pack of 2

The P3 within these filters stands for High Level Performance with a minimum of 97% efficiency. These filters offer respiratory protection against solid & liquid particles plus relief from nuisance-level organic vapours and acid gas. Lightweight with low breathing resistance. They are for use with 3M half-face and full-face respirator masks.

  • Maximum use concentration for full-face masks: 40 x workplace exposure limit (WEL) for particulate.
  • Maximum use concentration for half-face masks: 20 x workplace exposure limit (WEL) for particulate.

3M 9332+ FFP3 Aura Valved Respirator Face Mask 

From £6.49 Per Mask 

This mask is ideal for providing respiratory protection, making it effective for working environments that are exposed to non-volatile liquid particles and/or dust particles. It has a cool flow valved which reduces heat, allowing you to breathe easier during your shift. This is a non-reusable mask, which means it's designed to be disposed of after use. 

3M 8833 Face Mask Respirator With FFP3 Protection 

From £5.99 Per Mask 

The 3M 8833 has a soft inner face-seal which improves the resistance and offers protection against hazardous dust, mists and metal fumes. The cool Flow valve within this mas removes heat build-up and exhaled air. 

Dupont Tyvek 500 Xpert Coverall

From £8.58 Per Suit 

Available in sizes ranging from S - 2XL 

The correct protective grade is Category 3 Type 5/6 Coveralls for working with asbestos. 

These Dupont suits are CAT 3 Type 5-B & 6-B.

They are strong yet lightweight. Have a ergonomic-protective design and are used for chemical protective clothing. 

Protocol For Handling Asbestos 

Developing a protocol can reduce exposure risks and ensuring safety. 

An in place protocol should have:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Containment Measures 
  • Removal Procedures
  • Proper Disposal Methods

Some safety protocols include removing coveralls before removing your mask to avoid contamination. Wear safety boots without laces. Wipe down your safety coverall with a damp rag before disposing of.

Protection Measures 

Personal safety precautions are essential. However, there are additional actions needed. 

These actions include 

  • Engineering Controls
  • Administrative Controls
  • Training & Education


When working with asbestos, remember to take all necessary precautions. Health risks cannot be underestimated. PPE acts as a barrier and prevents this from happening. 

Protocols are crucial for minimising exposure and ensuring safety of everyone. 

By prioritising these measures we minimise risk and abide by safety regulations.