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Debunking Common Face Mask Myths

Debunking Common Face Mask Myths

Posted by The Face Mask Store on 21st Oct 2021

Although surgical masks and breathing apparatus and respirators have been used for years across many industries, face mask wearing for the general public has become a thing of the norm over the last 2 years. This far into the pandemic, we know how wearing face masks, combined with other preventative measures can help decrease the spread of germs and viruses. However, even before the pandemic, there has been an array of misinformation spread online and myths regarding face masks, having spread across the world. In this blog post, we are going to be debunking the most common myths when it comes to face masks.

Myth #1: If I am not sick, I do not need to wear a mask

Simply wearing a non surgical cloth mask will help decrease the spread of any germs or viruses. Research over the past few months has shown that even people who are not sick or have symptoms can carry and test positive for CoronaVirus. These people will be unknowingly spreading the virus and germs when they talk, sneeze, cough or even raise their voice. Wearing a mask, even when you either are not sick or do not “feel sick”, will immediately lower the transmission of respiratory droplets from person to person. Wearing a mask protects others, and others wearing a mask will protect you.

Myth #2: Wearing a mask will increase the amount of carbon dioxide I breathe and will make me sick

For many years, healthcare workers have worn all types of surgical masks for prolonged periods of time without any adverse health reactions or problems. Health care experts have recommended that if surgical face masks are too much, cloth face masks are a very comfortable, breathable option. There is no risk of hypoxia, which is lower oxygen levels in healthy adults. Carbon dioxide will freely diffuse through your mask as you breathe, just as it would if you were not wearing one.

If you are feeling uncomfortable in your mask, try to limit talking whilst wearing it, and breathe through your nose. This way, the humidity levels in your mask will be reduced.

Myth #3: If i’m wearing a mask, I don't need to practice social distancing

Wearing a mask is one step closer to the spread of germs and viruses including the spread of COVID-19. In addition to wearing a mask, social distancing has been a must for the last two years, however, with relaxed rules in the UK, this is slightly more difficult to follow but should be stuck to as best as possible, where possible. In addition to social distancing when anywhere where there is a risk of germs, or virus spread, recommended practices are washing your hands, wearing protective clothing if in close proximity of a covid or sick patient, and regularly sanitising surfaces.

Myth #4: Wearing a mask will weaken your immune system

A popular rumour that has been widely spread across the globe, especially during the Covid pandemic is that wearing a mask will weaken your immune system and prevent your body from building immunity to common colds, or viruses. This is entirely untrue. Wearing a mask will not affect it in the least, and your body will continue to work as it is meant to.

Myth #5: Wearing a mask outside is pointless

As we have seen over the past 2 years, spending time outside can be safer due to better air circulation, but if you are in a busy, populated city where it is difficult to social distance, wearing a mask outside is recommended. If you are in secluded areas or are out running, it is not necessary to wear a mask if you feel comfortable not to.

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(Photo Credit - Jon Tyson via unspash)