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Creativity Under Cover Series - Stratum Designs  #001

Creativity Under Cover Series - Stratum Designs #001

Posted by Sam Tucker on 16th Nov 2023

Stratum Designs: Weaving Cornwall's Essence into Modern Marquetry" 

Welcome to the first edition of "Creativity Under Cover” Today, we're whirling into the world of Stratum Designs, where handcrafted furniture meets the Cornish air.

What is this blog series about?

"Creativity Under Cover" is an engaging blog series from The Face Mask Store, shining a spotlight on the talented craftsmen, artisans, and creators who are customers of the store. The series focuses on how these skilled individuals use respiratory protection products to safeguard their health while immersing themselves in their creative pursuits. It celebrates the fusion of safety and artistry, illustrating how the right protective gear enables these craftsmen to continue doing what they do best – creating masterpieces. Each story in the series is a testament to the importance of health in the realm of creativity and craftsmanship.

Please write to us here if you wish to be featured on a future issue.

Today's Spotlight- Stratum Designs

Our story's heroes, Dan and Ravi, are more than just craftsmen; they are maestros of wood and design. Imagine this: Dan, a carpentry connoisseur, and Ravi, a design dynamo, joined forces in Cornwall, bonded by their admiration for the outdoors and exquisite furniture. 

Stratum Designs

Their workshop is a symphony of hand tools and machinery, where modern marquetry waltzes with traditional craftsmanship. But oh, there's a twist in the tale! Woodworking, while enchanting, can be a bit dusty.

"Stratum Designs redefines modern marquetry, merging reclaimed materials and artistic flair to craft unique, sustainable pieces that each tell a story!"

Dan - Stratum Designs

Stratum Design Shop

What respiratory protection do they use?

Enter our hero, the 3M 7502 Half Mask, accompanied by its trusty sidekick, the 3M 6035 P3R Filter. Together, they form a powerful duo, guarding Dan and Ravi against those pesky fine wood dust particles. Thanks to this fantastic mask-filter combo, our woodworking wizards can now carve, cut, and create, while their lungs blast out a hearty sea shanty.

As the sawdust settles each day, Dan and Ravi can look upon their creations – from intricate tables to bespoke kitchens – and know that they've crafted something special. And thanks to their trusty respiratory gear, they can do it all while breathing easy. 

Meet the Stratum Design Team

What do they do?

Dive into the world of marquetry with Stratum Designs, where traditional techniques meet modern flair! Picture the 17th-century elegance of intricate patterns, once adored by royals like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, crafted from wood, pearl, and even tortoiseshell. Now, fast forward to Stratum’s "Modern Marquetry" – it's not just an art form, it's an adventure! 

They mix reclaimed timber, machinable metals, and recycled ocean plastics to create unique, rock strata-like patterns. Each piece? Utterly unique and customizable, with the strength to withstand daily life's hustle and bustle. So, step in and see how Stratum Designs turns every furniture piece into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

Modern Marquestry

Want to see more of what Dan and Ravi do? Check them out here

Their contact details:

Visit: Devoran, Cornwall, UK. TR3 6NF 


Direct phone: (+44) 7730 436 911

Stay tuned for more tales from " Creativity Under Cover," where we dive into the world of our customers and their respiratory protection. Who knew safety could be such fun?