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Case Study:  Respiratory Protection for Gloss Craft Sealer Spray Paint

Case Study: Respiratory Protection for Gloss Craft Sealer Spray Paint

Posted by Sam on 2nd Aug 2023

Understanding Respiratory Protection: Case Study on Gloss Craft Sealer Spray Paint 400m by Hobby Craft

Navigating the world of health and safety, particularly when it comes to understanding respiratory protection for specific tasks using certain products and chemicals, can be a tough process. It's more arduous when you cannot easily acquire helpful advice from retailers or manufacturers about the necessary precautions. In this blog, we shed light on this important topic through a case study about Gloss Craft Sealer Spray Paint 400m by Hobby Craft.

Your Respiratory Health Matters

The impetus for this blog arose when a small ceramics business owner posed a question to us: what type of respiratory protection is necessary when using the aforementioned Gloss Craft Sealer Spray Paint?

In such cases, the starting point should always be the manufacturer-supplied Safety Data Sheet (SDS). These documents, as mandated by law, provide detailed information about the composition of the product and necessary safety measures. The SDS of the product in question recommended a Full Face Mask with an A2/P3 filter.

Deciphering the SDS: Why an A2/P3 Filter?

Without delving too deeply into the complex landscape of filters, the A2/P3 specification essentially implies protection against organic gases and vapours (with a boiling point >65°C) and airborne particles, respectively. This level of protection is suitable for many spray paints, including the Gloss Craft Sealer Spray Paint by Hobby Craft.

Full Safety Data Sheet can be viewed below- 

Recommended Options for Respiratory Protection

We've carefully curated three options of respiratory protection that align with the SDS recommendations and offer varying price points.

The 3M Option - £156.49

This option comprises a Full Face Mask and Filter from 3M, a renowned safety products manufacturer. The Full Face Mask can be found here, while the filter is available here. Although the 6099 filters offer higher protection than required, we believe it's safer to opt for over-protection than under-protection.

Moldex Option - £120.49

Moldex is a leading German-based Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) provider known for high-quality, innovative products with superior comfort and design. Priced at £120.49, this is 3M quality for less. This option features a Full Face Mask and an A2P3R combined filter from Moldex. The Full Face Mask is available here, while the filter can be found here.

Alpha Sentinel - £101.60

For those seeking cost-effective protection, the Sentinel Full Face Mask with an A2 P3 Filter, priced at £101.60, is a viable option. This can be found here.

Need Help Deciding?

Understanding the required level of respiratory protection for your task can be challenging. If you're struggling, please email us the following information, and we'd be more than happy to assist:

  1. The Product you're using – a link to the product and a picture of the ingredients and hazard description would be helpful.
  2. How long you're using it for – a rough idea of your exposure or usage.
  3. The context – will you be in a confined space, outside, or indoors.

Please remember that the above recommendations are based on general information about the different types of face mask filters available in our store and their typical use-cases. They are not intended as professional safety advice. We highly recommend consulting with a safety professional before making your final decision. While we take every effort to ensure the information we provide is accurate, the selection and use of the filter is your responsibility. We cannot be held liable for any health issues, injury, or other adverse effects that may occur as a result of your selection and use of a face mask filter.

Prioritising your health and safety is paramount, and we hope this information aids you in making informed decisions when it comes to respiratory protection. Stay safe!