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Can the new COVID Variant: Pirola BA.2.86 be detected by Flow Flex COVID Tests?

Can the new COVID Variant: Pirola BA.2.86 be detected by Flow Flex COVID Tests?

Posted by Sam Tucker on 20th Sep 2023

Understanding the New COVID Variant: Pirola BA.2.86 and How Flow Flex COVID-19 Tests Factor In 

Unpacking the Pirola BA.2.86 Variant

This new lineage of the COVID-19 virus, identified by both the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is intriguingly distinct. With 36 unique mutations that set it apart from strains like the XBB.1.5, the BA.2.86 variant has understandably piqued global interest.

However, amidst the research and studies, one question stands out for many: How do we detect it? This brings us to the Flow Flex COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Tests.

The Reliability of Flow Flex COVID-19 Tests

These tests are crafted to detect the COVID-19 virus's presence, even if an individual shows no symptoms. While the insights shared by Deena Beasley and Nancy Lapid provide a comprehensive look at the BA.2.86 variant, they don’t explicitly confirm which tests can effectively detect this strain.

But here’s what we do know: Flow Flex, like other rapid antigen tests, identifies the virus's proteins. If the Pirola BA.2.86 variant has protein structures similar to other documented variants, the Flow Flex tests should likely pick it up. However, as with all things scientific and especially in our current ever-evolving pandemic landscape, it's paramount to keep abreast with the latest official information.

Why Flow Flex from The Face Mask Store Stands Out

Amidst a market flooded with health products, why should one choose Flow Flex from The Face Mask Store? Beyond reliability, cost becomes a pressing concern for many, especially during these challenging times.

Our commitment at The Face Mask Store is clear: offering reliable health solutions without a hefty price tag. Our price checker is transparent proof of our competitive edge, showcasing that our prices, starting from a mere £0.89 per test, outpace other renowned retailers like Boots and Medisave.

Flowflex Singles - Available from 89p

Flow Flex Covid test

A Deeper Dive into BA.2.86’s Implications

It's important to understand that while this variant has attracted attention due to its many mutations, there is, so far, no concrete evidence that BA.2.86 spreads more rapidly or causes more severe illness than its predecessors. Health agencies worldwide continue to monitor its trajectory with Dr. Eric Topol, a genomics expert, emphasising the variant's "radically different structure."

However, current observations suggest that patients affected by the recent Eris variant aren’t as severely ill as those from earlier pandemic waves. This offers a glimmer of hope, but the essence remains: vigilance and preparedness.

Wrapping Up

As we march forward, armed with masks and sanitisers, staying updated is our most potent tool. With new variants like Pirola BA.2.86 on the horizon, our best defence lies in knowledge, vigilance, and reliable testing tools like the Flow Flex test.

If you're seeking an effective, dependable, and affordable solution for COVID-19 testing, The Face Mask Store's Flow Flex tests have got you covered. We remain committed to ensuring your safety and peace of mind.