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Asbestos and the right protection.

Posted by Karla on 2nd Aug 2022

Asbestos and the right protection.

When dealing with asbestos, what kind of covering do we require for protection?

Many often wonder how this is able to help or whether this is going to stop the many problems that can arise from dealing with and handling asbestos within the wrong manner.

We bring in a new lease of direction on how to deal with asbestos and how it is vital that we use the correct protective wear.


Not only should you take into account the right protocol, but the risks that can endure when handling asbestos. Exposure can cause high risk and long lasting complications in life if not handled correctly. There are risks that need to be kept in mind when dealing with asbestos. These include topics such as, the dosage and how much an individual has been exposed to. The duration of time and how long you have been exposed. The sizing in which the shape and sizes of the fibres can vary.


You must be trained to work safely with asbestos materials. If you're being exposed, you need to ensure the right agreement is taken place to verify the safety of not only you but your team as well. To be able to ensure the right protocol is correctly achieved, always plan ahead of time. Some ways you may be able to plan ahead is the procedure of the kind of protection needed and how you can apply and remove the right way. Some examples are removing coveralls before removing your mask due to contamination of materials. The best thing to do is wear safety boots without laces. Make sure to wipe down your overalls with a damp rag before disposing of.


The correct protection (PPE) is vital when working with asbestos. Wearers should use the right requirements such as coveralls, gloves, eyewear, protective footwear and masks. One of the main rules when working with asbestos is safety. Wearers should always make sure to use disposable FFP3 respirator masks or a half mask respirator with a P3 filter for only a short duration of time. The maximum duration time for wearing masks dealing with asbestos is 8 hours. You should dispose of all equipment after dealing with asbestos due to contamination.

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