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Advantages of DuPont Tyvek Coveralls

Advantages of DuPont Tyvek Coveralls

Posted by Karla on 25th May 2022

Advantages of DuPont Tyvek Coveralls

When it comes to finding the perfect coveralls, DuPont is the most ideal company to look towards. DuPont uses a unique Tyvek material that goes beyond superficial similarities, offering an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort. These features and benefits prove why DuPont are ahead of everyone else in today's market. The difference between the DuPont Tyvek range and its competitors is noticed immediately, the materials used by DuPont allow you to tackle the daily hazards of many vital industrial occupations. From high levels of protection to continuous comfort, its unique combination of properties makes DuPont ideal for a broad range of applications.

Superior protection

Anti statically-treated Tyvek offers high levels of protection against a broad range of hazards including liquid and solid chemicals, fine dust and fibres. The materials used by DuPont offer a smooth surface that can repel both liquids and particles, and offers the highest chemical barrier in its category. The material does not shed and is manufactured with a unique structure of strong, continuous, high-density polyethene fibres. Human contamination is also minimised, with DuPont Tyvek being extremely popular in cleanroom environments, such as the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Comfortable durability

Designed and manufactured by Dupont, Tyvek is an extremely tough, versatile material that is highly resistant to wear and tear. After surface abrasion, the fabric maintains its high barrier integrity as the barrier extends through the entire thickness of the fabric itself. Despite its robustness, Tyvek is still soft to touch and extremely light and supple, as well as permeable to air and water vapour. The combination of these properties explains why Tyvek is so comfortable to wear.

Market-leading performance

Alongside a unique structure, DuPont manufactures its coveralls to offer users a resistant barrier to a range of chemical hazards and provides an ideal balance between comfort and protection. This is why Tyvek garments have been a market leader in Type 4, 5 and 6 protective coveralls for the last 20 years.

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