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3M Speedglas G5-01VC Powered Air Starter Kit - G5-01 Helmet, Variable Colour ADF and Adflo Heavy Duty Battery Kit

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3M Speedglas G5-01VC Starter Kit: G5-01 Helmet, Variable Colour Filter and Adflo System

The Finest Choice for Advanced Welding Protection

What is Included in this Kit:

  1. 3M™ Speedglas™ G5-01 Helmet
    • EAN:
    • 3M ID: 7100256562
    • Part Number: 611100
  2. VC Filter Options:
    • EAN: 04054596624887
    • 3M ID: 7100185618
    • Part Number: 6100303
  3. 3M™ Complete Adflo™ System, Heavy-duty Battery,:
    • EAN: 04046719806638
    • 3M ID: 7100166698
    • Part Number: 837731

Optional Extras (not included):

  • 3M™ Speedglas™ Carry Bag - G5-01


G5-01 Helmet

  • Ergonomic form and low profile make it ideal for use in confined welding areas.
  • A clear protective curved visor with a large view (104 x 170 mm) provides superb peripheral, upward, and side views.
  • Customizable ventilation settings for personalized comfort
  • Flip-up visor for seamless transition between welding, grinding and inspection
  • Suitable for most types of arc welding

Complete Adflo System with Heavy Duty Battery

  • Can provide simultaneous gas and particle protection, depending on the filter in use.
  • Gas filters sold as separate accessories (837242 or 837542)
  • Combine Speedglas welding helmets with a Nominal Protection Factor (TH3) of up to 500
  • Connects directly Speedglas Series respiratory welding helmet
  • Adjustable airflow for comfortable breathing: two different flow rates (170 and 200 litres per minute) are adjustable to provide a more comfortable breeze for the user.

Welding Filter G5 Series, G5-01VC

  • Superior optical quality for clear, accurate vision
  • Worlds first curved Auto Darkening Welding Filter
  • Mutliple Modes: By choosing the right settings for each job, you can keep your eyes from getting tired and maybe even make the weld better.
  • The Speedglas Natural Colour technology makes the view through the screen look brighter, clearer, and more colourful.
  • Time to switch (light to dark): 0.1 ms. It is possible to change how sensitive arc recognition is to make switching more reliable.
  • Delay Function: Set the time for the dark to light opening with the delay function. It is possible to stay in the dark state.
  • Bluetooth Enabled: The 3M Connected Equipment app gives people access to more features, statistics, and information when it is Bluetooth-enabled.

Comfort, Safety, and Versatility

Ideal for professional welders, the 3M Speedglas G5-01VC Helmet with Adflo System offers unparalleled protection and convenience. The VC filter adapts to different welding intensities, while the Adflo system ensures a clean breathing environment. Its design prioritizes comfort for long working hours.

Technical Specifications

G5-01 Helmet

  • Brand: Speedglas™
  • Case Quantity: 1
  • Features: Eye & Face Protection
  • Grinding Option: Flip-up with Clear Visor
  • Lens Type: No Lens
  • Net Weight (Imperial): 27.9 Ounce
  • Net Weight (Metric): 790 g
  • Product Series: G5
  • Recommended Application: Grinding, Metal Processing, Metal Repair, Welding

Adflo System Heavy Duty Battery

  • Air Source: PAPR
  • Battery Life: Turbo: approx. 10-13 hours
  • Brands: Adflo™
  • Cartridge or Filter Type: Particle filter (Gas Filter Available as Spare Part)
  • Case Quantity: 1
  • Charging Time: Approx. 5.5 h
  • Compatible Welding Helmet: 3M™ Speedglas™ L-Series, 9000 Series
  • Features: Turbo Respirator
  • Lens Type: No Lens
  • Product Code: 837731
  • Product Series: Adflo
  • Product Type: Powered air respirator
  • Protection Level: NPF 50-500 Depending on Type of Headtop
  • Recommended Application: Grinding, Metal Processing, Metal Repair, Welding
  • Specifications Met: EN 12941

G5-01VC Filter

  • ADF Dark State Shades: Variable Dark Shade 8-14
  • Auto On: Yes
  • Battery Life: ADF up to 1500 hours
  • Battery Type: Lithium 3V (CR2450)
  • Brands: Speedglas™
  • Case Quantity: 10
  • Compatible Welding Helmet: G5-01 Welding Helmets
  • Delay Time: 50 ms - 1300 ms
  • Lens Shade: 5, 8-14
  • Lens Type: Auto-darkening
  • Light State: Shade 3
  • Number of Sensors: 4
  • Product Series: G5
  • Recommended Application: Grinding, Metal Processing, Metal Repair, Welding
  • Shape: Flat
  • Switching Time (Dark-Light): 0.1 ms
  • Switching Time (Light-Dark): 0.1 ms @ 23°C
  • UV/IR Protection: Shade 14 (permanent)
  • Viewing Area (Imperial): 2.8 in x 4.3 in
  • Viewing Area (Metric): 73 mm x 109 mm
  • Welding Filter Number: 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Filter G5-01VC
  • Welding Process: Most types of arc welding, arc detection down to 1 amp TIG, grinding.


  • 12 Month Warranty - full T&C's available upon request
Technical Data
12 Month Warranty - T&C's available upon request
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