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3M 105 Face Seal Cleaning Wipes (Box of 40)

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3M 105 Face Seal Cleaning Wipes (Box of 40)

Maintain impeccable hygiene and extend the life of your respirator with the 3M 105 Face Seal Cleaning Wipes. This box of 40 pre-moistened wipes is crafted to offer a practical solution for the cleaning of face seals on your 3M Reusable Respirators, ensuring your protective gear is always in prime condition.

Designed for use on 3M Half Masks and 3M Full Face Masks 

Key Details

  • Specific Formulation: Wipes designed to be gentle on the face seal yet effective in removing contaminants.
  • Hygienic Packaging: Each wipe is individually packaged for hygiene and convenience.
  • Easy to Use: Pre-moistened wipes for quick and hassle-free cleaning without the need for additional liquids or towels.
  • Compatibility: Ideal for use with all 3M Reusable Respirators' face seals.
  • Quantity: The box contains 40 individually wrapped wipes, providing ample supply for consistent maintenance routines.
  • Safety Standard Compliant: Ensures the integrity of your face seal without compromising safety standards.

Product Overview:

The 3M 105 Face Seal Cleaning Wipes are an essential accessory for users of 3M Reusable Respirators. These specially formulated wipes are designed to clean the face seal area of the respirator, effectively removing dirt, sweat, oils, and cosmetics that can build up during regular use.

Encased in individual sachets, the wipes remain moist and hygienic until the moment of use. They are exceptionally user-friendly, eliminating the need for rinsing and ensuring that your respirator's face seal is maintained without any residue. Their gentle formula is suitable for everyday use and does not degrade the silicone or rubber face seal material.

Suitable for professionals across various industries, the 3M 105 Face Seal Cleaning Wipes help you meet hygiene protocols with ease. With 40 wipes per box, you can ensure a clean and comfortable fit for your respirator every time it's needed.

Adopt a consistent respirator maintenance routine with the convenient, effective, and skin-friendly 3M 105 Face Seal Cleaning Wipes – the smart choice for respiratory equipment upkeep.


Q) How often should I use these cleaning wipes?

A) Use the wipes as needed to maintain hygiene and clear any buildup of contaminants on the respirator's face seal.

Q) Are these wipes safe for all skin types?

A) The wipes are formulated to be gentle on the skin, but if you have sensitive skin or a known allergy, it is advisable to check the ingredients first.

Q) Can the wipes be used on other parts of the respirator?

A) The 3M 105 wipes are specifically designed for cleaning the face seal area. For other parts of the respirator, refer to the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.


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