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Kolmi Type II R Ear Loop Disposable Face Mask PPE

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Kolmi Type II R Ear Loop Disposable Face Mask - Premium Protection and Comfort for Everyday Use

The Kolmi Type II R Ear Loop Disposable Face Mask is designed to provide superior protection and comfort for daily wear. This high-quality face mask offers efficient filtration, easy breathability, and a secure fit, making it ideal for healthcare settings, public transportation, and other crowded areas. Each mask is disposable, ensuring optimal hygiene with every use.

Key Product Features

  • SUPERIOR COMFORT -  Unrivaled comfort for users with sensitive skin. They are latex-free and have a gentle, super soft inner layer.
  • INTEGRATED NOSE PIECE - The integrated nose piece ensures these masks fit almost every shape and morphology of face perfectly.
  • BACTERIAL FILTRATION EFFICIENCY - Offers exceptional bacterial filtration efficiency, even during longer interventions. (BFE) ≥ 98%
  • EXCEPTIONAL BREATHABILITY - Market-leading for breathability, exceeding the industry standard required by EN 14683: 2019.
  • THE KOLMI® SMILE - The Kolmi smile has been created to help the mask fit comfortably to any face shape, improving breathability and protection.
  • THE UNIQUE KOLMI® FOLD - The Kolmi fold ensures that the mask shapes itself to the user's face straight from the box. The fold also ensures that the mask sits comfortably away from the face when in use.

Technical Information

Certifications: EN 14683:2019 Type II R, CE Certified

Filtration Efficiency: BFE ≥ 98%

Material: Non-woven fabric

Fluid Resistance: Yes

Packaging: 50 masks per box

Expiry: 02/2026

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of the Kolmi Type II R Ear Loop Disposable Face Mask?

The BFE of the Kolmi Type II R Ear Loop Disposable Face Mask is ≥ 98%, providing excellent protection against airborne particles and bacteria.

2. Are these masks comfortable for long-term wear?

Yes, the masks are designed with soft, non-woven fabric and breathable materials, ensuring comfort even during prolonged use.

3. Are the ear loops adjustable?

While the ear loops are not adjustable, they are made to fit securely and comfortably on most face shapes and sizes.

4. Can these masks be used in healthcare settings?

Yes, the Kolmi Type II R masks meet the EN 14683:2019 Type II R standard and are suitable for use in healthcare settings.

5. How are the masks packaged?

The masks are packaged in a box containing 50 disposable face masks, ensuring they remain hygienic and easy to dispense.


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