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Benefits of Reusable Face Masks

Benefits of Reusable Face Masks

Posted by Sam Tucker on 15th Nov 2021

There are many reasons why people are advised to wear reusable face masks, they’re better for the environment, won’t end up as litter and won’t end up in the sea. With reusable face masks coming in different materials, they can also prove a lot more comfortable than single-use face masks and kinder to skin.

Reusable face masks hold an array of benefits, one of those being that they are an eco-friendly option in comparison to disposable masks. Using sustainable materials such as organic cotton and biodegradable elastic can result in reusable face masks broken down efficiently, leaving no trace or negative impact on the environment. However, if you are to use a single-use face mask, they are made from polypropylene which can take up to 450 years to decompose. This thermoplastic also releases microplastics into the environment, which will eventually end up in our waterways and oceans.

Another advantage of reusable face masks is that they are more cost-effective. Whilst buying a reusable face mask may seem the more expensive option at the time, the reusability of them will work out cheaper than having to keep buying a box of disposable masks. A reusable face mask is the choice for you if you are looking to purchase a reliable mask that has been made to last. Remember to wash your reusable face mask on a standard washing cycle to maintain face mask hygiene and keep your skin clean and healthy.

Wearing a mask that is loose fitting or uncomfortable is less likely to offer lower levels of protection, especially if you have to keep readjusting it. When the reusable masks fit better, this leaves no air gaps around the side of your face, leaving you exposed to airborne germs and particles.

When needing to constantly adjust your mask or touch your face you are increasing the risk of spreading infections, so make sure to prioritise comfort and wearability when choosing your face mask. Multi-layered reusable masks can be more beneficial than single-layered masks, due to the extra layers of protection. Tightly woven cotton is one of the most effective materials for face masks, as the fabric’s high thread count helps trap moisture droplets without making it difficult to breathe.

The Face Mask Store offers a range of high-quality reusable masks, all our products are made from comfortable and easily breathable fabric. Find the perfect reusable face mask here, all of which are designed with 3 layers for protection when riding public transport, in public places or in the workplace.


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